Dispelling the winter cold spells of our malcontent
Pursuits of arts beyond the deluge of clouds and city lights; press photo courtesy of Week in Pop.

Pursuits of arts beyond the deluge of clouds and city lights; press photo courtesy of Week in Pop.

With the SXSW-mania in full effect, Week in Pop delivers a snapshot of some of the breaking buzz we’re following. With headlines about billionaires gone wild, the confusing and chaotic situations in Venezuela, anticipation of the Mueller report and more—we bring you the top stories you may have missed with news that Atelier Ciseaux label boss Rémi Laffitte launched the new label GÉOGRAPHIE; JPEGMAFIA and HEALTH delivered the new single "I Hate You"; Michael Raintree, aka Oreo Jones, released Through the Depths of Hell I Picked Up the Phone; Whitney Ballen unveiled the Skyler Ford and Daniel Chesney video for "Black Cloud" off Sinking Ship via Father Daughter / Substitute Scene Records; CupcakKe's "Squidward Nose" from Logan Fields; Versing treated us to the arty Gordon De Los Santos visual for the massive and woolly mammoth woven lead single "Tethered" off the hotly anticipated album 10000 arriving May 3 via Hardly Art; Jay Som delivered the new single "Simple"; Dark Tea delivered the DIY escalator escalating Zach Fudge visuals for "Angel of Night" from their Fire Talk album debut; Weyes Blood delivered Natalie Mering's vintage cabin thriller visual for the brilliant power pop single "Everyday" off the Sub Pop album Titanic Rising available April 5; Shouldies shared the art pop, energetic and eccentric video for "Bed" from their debut arriving March 6 via Graveface/NeverNotGoth; KERA shared the bright and brilliant new single "Bright Future Ahead" ft. Devendra Banhart; Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio delivered the new expressive and intimate single "Alchemy" from the new EP Everyone I Know, Just Holding On; Nicki Minaj delivered a look at the Mike Ho visual for "Hard White"; Susto delivered the new spirit and sky soaring single "Weather Balloons"; LiveFreeRize presented a look at the Wonderphul filmed visual for the CHVLLY-produced diamond obsessed track "Pinky Ring"; Field Medic shared the endearing single "henna tattoo" and the endearing corresponding visual featured on the Run For Cover Records album fade into the dawn; San Francisco's Micropixie, aka MPX, shared the international and inquisitive audio arts of "The Universal"; buzz for the electric and expressive Thurst album Project Isle Demotion via Too Far Gone Records; Okey Dokey delivered a look at the fancy animated visual for the heartfelt question of heart with "Whose Heart"; San Francisco's The Y Axes delivered the DIY visuals for their origin story song "How We Begin" off the album No Waves; sobhhï delivered a listen and look at the sensual single "facts up" (الحين) of the Black I EP; Bayonne shared the sweet, sincere and serene piano key crafted single "Same" from the album Drastic Measures; Big Tom Callahan delivered the celestial, smooth and emotive debut single "Like Heaven"; Major Moment paid sincere homage to the fallen Chester Benngington via their cover of "Leave Out All the Rest"; Popluxe delivered the luxious pop of their glammed-out and gorgeous LP Lumiere; Earthquake Lights delivered a look at the lovely Minu Park visual for the beautiful light gazing single "Moonlight" from their upcoming album Distress Signals; LEFTI got the dance party rolling with the body moving jam "Every Time" ft. Spencer Ludwig; TEEN delivered a look at the reflective and meditative Charles Billot visual for "Pretend";

C’mon Tigre provided a look at the mesmerizing Sic Est CGI visual for big time single "Behold the Man" featured off the BDC/K7 album Racines; Sharlet Crooks presented a look at the romantic ups and downs that life deals us with the Jon Meyer visual for "Maybe Love"; Chai delivered the cool and sporty visual for "Choose Go!"; Swimming Bell delivered the evocative, introspective and acoustic strummer "Cold Clear Moon" written by Tomo Nakayama; Utkarsh Ambudkar gave us the slick and street smart "Rundown"; Helenor delivered the excavated expressions of intrigue and exquisite illustrations with "Artifact"; Helenor delivered the excavated expressions of intrigue and exquisite illustrations with "Artifact" and the corresponding visual; the iconic Neneh Cherry delivered the mobile phone-centric visual for "Natural Skin Deep"; Planet Giza delivered the single and Walid Jabri visual of endearing truths with "You Wasn't Lyin'"; Glasgow's The Ninth Wave delivered the horror-fashion visual for "Half Pure"; Wand delivered a listen and look at "Scarecrow" from their new Drag City album Laughing Matter; Barrie delivered the shimmering perfect pop of "Clovers" off the Winspear album Happy To Be Here; MNEK delivered the scandalous visual for "Girlfriend"; Charly Bliss dropped the road-tripping Michelle Zauner (of Japanese Breakfast) visual for "Capacity" off the Barsuk album Young Enough; Rosie Tucker appeared on the scene with the rocking single "Habit"; Chromatics delivered the haunted drive of "Red Car"; Cathedral Bells released the anticipated self-titled EP; Only Yours delivered the passionate pop with the Pirates Blend album Overrun; Emilie Kahn (previously of Emilie & Ogden) shared the elaborate synth spectaculars "Will You?" and "Island" from the Secret City album Outro; Catch Prichard delivered a listen to the slow and rustic burning "You're the Worst"; Carlos Vara illustrated the hedonistic successful keys to achieving more self-esteem with the visual for "Confident"; Cimo Fränkel delivered the complications of life after love on the earnest and emotive "Live Without You"; Cecilia Gault delivered the sensations that stretch beyond the pale of sanity on "Lunatic"; NYC's Patio announced their Fire Talk album Essentials with a listen to the dutiful single "Boy Scout"; Leah Voysey delivered a song about toxins and toxic endeavors on "Poison"; Khotin signed to Ghostly with news of the upcoming Beautiful You album, sharing the mesmerizing and bewildering single "Dwellberry"; Lisa Papineau presented the reflective and gentle Betsy Kenyon video for the evocative and limitless beauty of "Beautiful" off the album Oh Dead On Oh Love; Honeyblood presented the hedonistic video for "The Third Degree" off the album In Plain Sight; morgxn released the vital blue EP; Vesper Wood, Christina Wod of Kaleida, shared the sentimental single "Carson"; Mating Ritual offered a listen to their new big bright single "Falling Back" from the upcoming album Hot Content; Seba Kaapstad delivered the breaths of fresh air with "Breathe"; Joshua Thew shared the intimate and endearing Brandon Mercer visual for the earnest expressions of "Think You're Getting Through"; Made-Up announced the debut self-titled EP for Forged Artifacts with a listen to the gauzy and gaze-y "Who's Mess, Who's Tears"; Little May announced the new album Blame My Body with a listen and look at the single for "Apples";

DoNormaal delivered the AJ SUEDE visual for the TMLO-produced track "Revenge"; introducing Birmingham's Bad Hops who just released the radical rocking Foul Ball 7" via Earth Libraries; Lulu Lewis delivered the eccentric video for "Rock the Deer" from their upcoming album Genuine Psychic; Bryce Vine continues to ride the bombast buzz from the "Drew Barrymore" single and beyond; moonweather delivered the organic and ethereal pop of Overgrown; Cherry Pickles shared the vintage styled visual for the timeless testament to heartbreak "It Will All End in Tears" featured on the debut album Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples available April 5 via PNKSLM Recordings; Kathleen delivered the reflections and statements of thought with "The Longest Year"; Emily Vaughn delivered the brutal and boss visual for "Dead 2 Me"; Ontario's After Funk shared the sweet and soft sentiments of "The Mess We've Become" off the album Santa Barbara; Elizabeth Fagan, oka Lili St Anne shared a listen to the ethereal choral EP Bone Marrow; Cherie and Renno shared the energetic, enigmatic and eccentric single "Let Me In"; Golden Daze released their hotly anticipated second album Simpatico; ADULT. offered a listening to the synth sweet dulcets of "Subsurface"; Venus Furs shared the baroque and beautiful "Chaos and Confusion"; Dear Boy delivered the glamorous Samuel Bayer visual for "Semester"; Good Fuck unveiled the video for the sinewy electric pop aesthetics of "Physics", provided by Tim Kinsella with flip phone footage supplied by David Berman; Porcupine rolled out the performance pop visual for "Lifetime" from Casey David Nelson and Justin Joy off the What You've Heard Isn't Real EP; Dan Rico offered a listen to the amped up new single "Shi"; Wicca Phase Springs Eternal released Suffer On via Run For Cover; Francie Moon shared the shredding jangler New Morning Light; mxmtoon delivered all the feels of "i feel like chet" along with an art pop visual courtesy of H.S. Naji; MINKA delivered the End of the Affair EP; MUNYA delivered the smooth and cool new single "Benjamin"; Ellis delivered the evocative azure moments of reckoning with "Something Blue"; Chromatics delivered the colorful art pop visual for "Time Rider"; Young Clancy presented a look at the beach bound video for the bouncy single "Dead" ft. Chris LaRocca; Glows delivered the danced-up single "Passing Talk"; Radical Face presented a look at the Ben Cooper and Roy Berry visual for the self-betterment exercises of "Hard of Hearing"; Pure Bathing Culture delivered a look at the lyric video for "Devotion" from the upcoming album Night Pass; Viking Moses delivered the introspective and emotive strummer "Kid For the Cattle" from the Epifo Records album Cruel Child; Priests delivered the single "Good Time Charlie"; Freddie Gibbs and Madlib dropped "Flat Tummy Tea"; Vampy Weekend delivered the Emmett Malloy visual for "Harmony Hall"; Teenage Fanclub returned with their new single "Everything is Falling Apart"; Marissa Nadler delivered a listen to the John Cale collabo "Poison"; Treefort Music Fest lineup buzz; the 21 Savage country of origin debacle; and we remember The Monkees' Peter Tork and Amy Winehouse hologram hold-ups.

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Cities, scenes, skies & dreams
Sky sailing and surveying all between the earth, the heavens, the subterranean sects and the new dimensions; press photo courtesy of Week in Pop.

Sky sailing and surveying all between the earth, the heavens, the subterranean sects and the new dimensions; press photo courtesy of Week in Pop.

As 2019 kicks off with the aftermath of a grueling government shutdown, villainy, disasters and other international showdowns — Week in Pop shines a light on all the latest developing buzz beyond the panic-stricken headlines. Big news as S the Supplicant, aka Sally Horowitz, announced the Sex in Mechanicalville play (based on the Nicey Music release of the same name); Royal Trux rocked the world with the announcement of their upcoming album White Stuff arriving March 1 via Fat Possum and dropped the nitty gritty title track and the corresponding visual; Baseball Gregg announced a March tour that includes SXSW dates with the gentle, sweet, beautiful and serene new single "Toursong"; Buke and Gase announced the upcoming album Scholars with a listen and look at the visual for the mind opening and enriching title track; Fidlar delivered a look and listen at the DIY visual for the super catchy new cut "All By Myself" featured off the Mom + Pop album Almost Free; Hockey Dad announced tour dates; Mindy Gledhill delivered the tear drop shattering dance jam "Boo Hoo" from the album Rabbit Hole; Vesper Wood, aka Kaleida's Christina Wood, delivered the mystic & cryptic wonder with the entrancing "Descend" featured off the solo album Instar; Lisa Papineau delivered the visual for the personal strums and expressions that comprise "Little Hell" off the fourth album Oh Dead On Oh Love; Mark Diamond delivered the pop paintings of committed connections with "Steady"; Lizzo strolled into the new year with the Quinn Wilson visual for the super styling new single "Juice"; Dr. Danny released the anticipated album Nothing But Love that was co-produced with The Lemon Twigs; Unknown Mortal Orchestra delivered the new single "SB-06"; Cardi B delivered the fancy "Money" visual from Jora Frantzis and performed at the AVN Awards; Business of Dreams announced the Slumberland album Ripe for Anarchy with a listen to the illuminating and light glimmering single "Keep the Blues Away"; Hand Habits, aka Meg Duffy, delivered a look at the powerful Vanessa Haddad visual for the even more powerful single "can't calm down" from the Saddle Creek album placeholder; Highschool Jacob dropped the electronic funk saturation of "Can't Get Enough"; Loi Loi delivered a look at the sensuous and sensational Jen Meller visual for "Egipto"; Pixel Grip delivered the city-scape dance-a-thon visual from Jana McLain for "Plastic Enemies" from the FEELTRIP Records album Heavy Handed; Matty Carlock & Jesse Malin delivered the kinectic visual for "Young and Fucked Up" from Mike Oliva & Rob Sellig; iLoveMakonnen delivered the code of consumerism "Spendin'" ft. Gucci Mane; CupcakKe delivered the risqué and wild "Squidward Nose"; Kehlani presented a look at the robotic-human healing visual for "Nights Like These" ft. Ty Dolla $ign; SASAMI announced debut Domino album and delivered a look at the Kate Hollowell co-directed visual for "Jealousy"; TEEN delivered the grandiose art house Charles Billot visual for the disco styled single "Runner";

Cathedral Bells delivered the evocative sunlight bathed glow of "Ethereal Shadow" off the self-titled EP; Ladytron delivered the synth swaying single "Far From Home" off the electronic legends' self-titled; Bitch delivered the powerful femme ballad "New Year" accompanied by a visual from Oskar Peacock; Logic dished out the structure shaking "Keanu Reeves"; Future Thieves delivered the exhibitions of perpetual reckonings with "Always Something"; Slovenian atmospheric/ambient trio YGT announced the album Sinking Ship available February 15 via Youngbloods; Kat Holland delivered the expressive dance infused ballad "The One"; Leikeli47 dropped the radical and energetic Edgar Esteves visual for the kinetic new track "Tic Boom"; SJae, aka Sammy Jay, delivered the outpour of feels and affinities with "Acid Rain" off the FIRST EP; Marlene Oak provided a look and listen to the post-twilight reflections and desires with the live version of "In the Evening"; Arlene Zelina offered a listen to the nocturnal wants with the electro inflections of "Dream of Me"; Jackie Venson compiled a collection of anecdotes and tones of jubilation on the pop jam "A Million Moments"; Nakhane shared the bright and beautiful single "New Brighton" ft. Anohni off the album You Will Not Die; Nashville's Okey Dokey & Liz Cooper shared a viewing of the warm Cody Duncum visual of life in whimsical motion for "Winnebago" from the album Tell All Your Friend; San Francisco vision questing voyagers Agouti expanded our fields of consciousness with the castle defending single "Dragons" from the release Nodes; Dua Lipa delivered the single & visual for "Swan Song"; Midi Matilda delivered the invigorating visual for the elecric pop pomp of "Apple Pie"; Indoor Pets delivered a look at the hilarious dinosaur-suited visual for "Pro Procrastinator" off the Wichita Recordings album Be Content; La Luz's Shana Cleveland announced the Hardly Art album Night of the Worm Moon with a listen to the atmospheric haunted western showdown setup style song "Face of the Sun"; mxmtoon covered Frank Sinatra's classic "my way"; The Rebels of Tijuana delivered the throwback chic of "Brazil 70"; Lexie Liu provided a look at the art noir visual for "Hat Trick"; Terror Jr released the anticipated album Unfortunately, Terror Jr; Hembree delivered a look at the blue-bathed visuals for the single "Culture"; Taali provided a view of the organic and intimate visuals for the city ballad "Los Angeles" from Madelyn Deutch from the Rainbow Blonde Records album I Am Here; Dr. Dundiff presented a look at the Will Hartsock and Thomas Johns of 750four Productions visual of Louisville local spots for "Skat" ft. James Lindsey found off the Cold Busted album The Distance; Bellows presented a listen to the floral fancies of the new single "The Rose Gardener" off the Topshelf album of the same name; Seattle's Roving Reporter delivered the organic heartland hymns with the Joie de Vivre EP; Ellis presented the prism reflective Andy Friesen and Linnea Siggelkow visual for the big ballad "All This Time";

Adam Lempel released the album Jinx with a release show January 30 in NYC at Footlight complete with a wizard glam motif; Caleb Hawley delivered the sentimental single about the constraints of time with "A Minute of Your Love"; Vern Matz delivered the meditative and mind mending Bobblehead EP; WESLEE delivered the dance inspired sweat stepping visual from Alexandra Gavillet for "Sweat Dreams"; Monica Martin delivered the single about consciousness and the lack of conscious actions in the expressive single single "Thoughtless"; Portland artist Bryson Cone delivered the evocative and earnest electric textures of dreams and fears via the breathtaking "Destination Nightmare"; Jesse McCartney presented the fancy and flashy visual for "Wasted" starring Katie Peterson; Kid Koala delivered the atmospheric and expansive single "Hera's Song" ft. Trixie Whitley; Ten Fé provided a listen to the smooth and serene sailing new single "Coasting" off the album Future Perfect, Present Tense via Some Kinda Love/PIAS; Westkust brought out all the dream weapon machines on the new single "Swebeach" off their Run For Cover self-titled; Tyler, The Creator launched the GOLF le FLEUR* and GOLF WANG 3M collection line; Charlotte Cornfield shared the sentimental and deeply endearing visual for "Andrew" from Adrienne McLaren off the album The Shape of Your Name (Next Door Records/Outside Music); Sharon Van Etten delivered a look at the NYC-centered visuals for the nostalgia entertaining ballad "Seventeen" featured off the new Jagjaguwar album Remind Me Tomorrow; Sure Sure delivered the comforting slice of winter warmth with the single "Warm Animal" off the What’s It Like? EP; Porteau delivered the earnest expressions of "River Song" featured off the album Water's Gate; The Kut delivered the thrashing performance visual for "I Am Vain"; Vampire Weekend buzz for their upcoming release Father of the Bride sharing listens to the jubilant "Harmony Hall" and the future times focused "2021"; hype for James Blake's Assume Form; YNW Melly provided a look and listen at the Cole Bennett visual for "Mixed Personalities" ft. Kanye West; early version of Animal Collective's "My Girls" is unearthed; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's rad dance video to Phoenix's "Lisztomania"; Coachella lineup hype and their new Every One initiative to combat sexual misconduct at the festival; Princess Nokia versus Ariana Grande; Azealia Banks and Grimes subpoenaed over Elon Musk's ridiculous weed inspired tweet; Kanye West filed some lawsuits; DMX is out of prison; Amen Dunes opened up; French emcee MHD charged with voluntary manslaughter; and we remember Pegi Young, Captain and Tennille's Daryl Dragon, Joseph Jarman, Psychic Love's Laura Peters and Michel Legrand.

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Wandering through the wonder of winter warmth
Gazing with hope at the city lights of possibilities and skies of infinite intrigue; press photo courtesy of Week in Pop.

Gazing with hope at the city lights of possibilities and skies of infinite intrigue; press photo courtesy of Week in Pop.

With the holidays upon us and 2018 winding down, we continue to contend with the state of political stalemates, doing everything we can to help Indonesia in the wake of a tsunami; and marvel at the indefatigable spirit of Ruth Bader Ginsburg — Week in Pop presents just a quick peek at some of the buzz we’re following (and will continue to update). Big news as we heard the announcement that Tom Krell, oka How To Dress Well along with Driftless Recordings' Joel Ford and Patrick McDermott launched the new label Helpful Music; phem dropped the emotive and passionate pop of “Jump”; Everyone is Dirty delivered some of that holiday glow with the bright seasonal nostalgia reflections with "This December (A Christmas Song)"; Daddy dropped the sweet, smooth and soft touch sounds of what it's like when the world begins to wildly spin out from beneath you on "Losing My Control"; Tee Grizzley delivered the documentary Off Parole; Ess Ford, aka Skyler Ford from Snuff Redux, dropped the anticipated album 206; Vök shared the performance visuals for the single about dusks and dawns "Night & Day" and spread the love with the slick new single "Spend the Love"; Girlpool delivered a look at the DIY visual for "Where You Sink" by the group's own Harmony Tividad from the upcoming album What Chaos is Imaginary available February 1 via ANTI-; TEEN announced the new album Good Fruit arriving March 1 via Carpark and delivered the visual for "Only Water"; Joel Taylor delivered the anthem of rebirth and immediacy in a heart-strummed hymn that strikes straight from the organic topography of the heartland titled "Moments Notice" along with the powerful visual that illustrates how domestic violence and disputes disrupts the harmony of family and humanity as a whole; Escort brought the big pop brightness with the body-shaker "Josephine"; HERO delivered intimate and expressive performance pop visual from Johannes Greve Muskat for "Dirty Work"; Color Palatte shared some shine for bleak times with the single "Dark Days", following up the searing beams of light "Sunburn" and and the dreamy cadences of "Chelsea"; Girl Crush delivered the pop sounds that drown out the static with "Radio Silence"; Future Generations provided audiences a little taste of the great outdoors with vintage sitcom flair via the visuals for "Landscape"; Saga Back delivered the evocative observations and expressions of "There You Go... Again"; New York based band Big Spirit brought the larger than life feels and thrills with the mammoth new single "Barbarians”; The Lovely Sparrows shared a look at the Derek Van Gieson-animated visual of inspirations and insights for "A Light" featured off their first album in seven years, Shake the Shadow via Abandoned Love Records; Bogan Via returned with the pop of perception, exhilaration and liberation on "Videos" off the new album Tough to Kill; Mark McGowan delivered the earnest and penned-from-the-heart hymns of affection and intuition with the Speakeasy EP;

Gabriel Birnbaum of Wilder Maker delivered the debut solo single of life and world progression reflections with "Stack the Miles"; Ohtis shared a listen to the 7" single "Runnin" b/w "Settling"; Lydian Collective brought the world a look at their performance visual for their electric pop fusion of "High 555"; Balto delivered the blistering and blasting new jam "Black Snake Mojave Blues"; The Dip delivered some winter seasonal cheer with the brass imbued single "Santa's Got a Sweet Tooth"; Vesper Wood, Christina Wood of Kaleida, delivered the meditative thought stream swimming single "The Wall"; Hana Vu covered the iconic Fleetwood Mac jam "Gypsy" with added haunted flair and fascination; Princess Nokia dropped the remastered and expanded Metallic Butterfly; EXES and JOME dropped the wistful and wondrous new single "One Day"; Domo Genesis dropped the EP Facade Records; Sports delivered the snazzy and shining new single "Don't Tell Me"; Holy Wow dropped the performance pop visual for the spaced-out single "Nebulas"; mxmtoon delivered the organic and intriguing plum blossom EP; Illiterate Light delivered the frank anthem about fairness and the lack thereof with "Nuthin's Fair"; Sofa City Sweetheart delivered the desert mariachi visual for the strumming and strolling power pop single "Stop Thinking" shot and directed by Karma McCartney and Juan Antonio Lopez; Marquee Mayfield shared the spellbinding scientific-styled visuals for the jazzy and joyful single "Spellbound"; Rnie delivered the transcendent and beguiling album Citrus via Broken Circles; L'FREAQ delivered the fancy visual for the sublime and sinewy "New Skin"; in case you missed it, peep Fielded's Alex Mallis beach-bound visual for the lit single of empowerment "Light It Up" off the Deathbomb Arc album Drip Drip; SOBxRBE Sneakk delivered the bossy cruising visual for "Spray" ft. Tyga, YG; SOB X RBE's Yhung T.O. dropped the solo joint Trust Issues; Merely, aka Kristina Florell—YEAR0001's latest signing, presented the enchanted forest visual for the mesmerizing "Crazy Heart"; Ruth Acuff delivered the harp and heart-tinged single "Peace"; Sigrid announced the debut album Sucker Punch arriving March 1 and delivered a listen to the acoustic title track; Calva Louise delivered the competitive and eccentric Bartholomew Jones visual for "Tug Of War"; Every Kid Knows delivered the bright and bold new single "Spinning Jenny"; Margot delivered the earnest and ethereal single "Coffee Stained Scars"; behold the majestic ruins that are explored in the visual for Zoe Boekbinder's "Shadow"; Jaguar Grace delivered the bombastic expressions of amour with "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"; Sophie Strauss shared the intimate and endearing visual for "Sweetboy"; Iowa's Holy White Hounds unleashed the power-chord/rip-chord fest of Say It With Your Mouth;

TISHMAL, aka Rachel Brockbank, delivered the single "Heavy" that tackles issues of gravity, weights and ethereal measures; Chromatics delivered a look at the holiday-styled visual for their cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire"; Mother Feather delivered the squared circle square off visual from Marc McAndrews for the anthemic "Red Hot Metal" off the album Constellation Baby; Utkarsh Ambudkar delivered the flashy new jam "Kane"; Cautious Clay delivered the big time track of reasoning and rationales with "REASONS" ft. Hudson Mohawke & Tobias Jesso Jr; Kyle Crane delivered the nostalgic home visual for "Nicole” ft. Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses; Madame Gandhi delivered the desert rolling visual for the bad ass single "Bad Habits"; Tiny Ruins offered a look at the winter wandering "Olympic Girls" visual; Young Readers delivered the echoing earthy warmth of "Silent Night"; NOV3L delivered the angular shoulder-shaking action of their new singles "To Whom It May Concern" and "Natural" from their Flemish Eye NOVEL EP; San Francisco's own moonweather delivered something to keep us warm from the winter elements with "Until Later"; Claire George signed to Cascine with a listen to the single "Where Do You Go?" followed by remixes supplied by Yumi Zouma and Sun Angels; Two Dragons and a Cheetah delivered the tightly wound tension breaker single "Wind Me Up"; Summer Heart delivered the evocative and mesmerizing electronically expressive textures of "Touch"; Vic Mensa delivered a listen to the Hooligans EP; Portland cult duo bed. just released their hotly anticipated debut album Replay; Harlem delivered a listen to their first album Free Drugs ahead of their upcoming Oh Boy album arriving February 14; T-Pain delivered the new jam "That's Yo Money" off the upcoming album 1UP; M.I.A. delivered the visual for "Reload" that was penned by Elastic leader Justine Frischmann; Matmos announced the new album Plastic Anniversary arriving March 15 via Thrill Jockey; Cass McCombs offered a listen to the song "Estrella"; Lambchop announced the new album This (is what I wanted to tell you) available March 22 through City Slang/Merge sharing a listen to the sentimental and personal single "The December-ish You"; NFL Cartel Bo video for "Hoova" ft. Maxo Kream caused a ruckus; Tegan and Sera announced the memoir High School; Tom DeLonge's "Strange Times" to become a television series; Ariana Grande followed up "thank u, next" with the ethereal and rhythms and blues of "imagine"; The Specials dropped the new single "Vote For Me"; David Lynch delivered the visual Ant Head; and we remember the Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley and jazz icon Nancy Wilson.

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The avenues and leave awnings of autumn changes

Urging anyone and everyone to do their civic/social duty to VOTE—Week in Pop presents a snapshot of the latest media buzz that is all aflutter amid the international art hives. In the latest news, Jay Som & Justus Proffit delivered the massive swagger and style of the new single "Invisible Friends" off their collaborative Nothing's Changed EP via Polyvinyl; Pangs delivered the space seeking new single "Someplace"; Lil Wayne dropped Tha Carter V; Claire George signed to Cascine with the announcement of the upcoming album Bodies of Water available November 16 with a look at the glamorous and fashionable visual for the perfect pop of "Orbits"; Chromatics delivered the spooky single "House of Dolls", the Dean Hurley remix for "Blue Girl" and "The Taste of Blood"; Jasper Leach shared an ambient and organic listen to the album Water Mind; Cathedral Bells rang with the cool crypt cadences of "Cemetery Surf"; rising star Annika Zee delivered the electro glamorous single "Super Model" ahead of the forthcoming album Factory Pageant available in January; San Jose's own Chow Mane delivered the Timslew of Soundlapse visual for the sweet Bay-chill styles of "Ever Since"; Balms took us toward the expansive depths of the astral "Plane"; Deep State delivered the under pressure anthem "Under the Gun" off the upcoming album The Path to Fast Oblivion available February 1; Junkboy shared the gorgeous spirit lifting succinct symphony "Old Camera, New Film" for the compilation Music Minds; Yoe Mase delivered the proving ground invitations of "Prove Me Wrong"; Hatchie unveiled the new dream machine driving single "Adored"; BUHU shared the Olivier Dalipagic for Oh Wow Pictures visual for the love inflected single "Yew" off the debut album Tenets via Kitsuné Musique and FMF Records Grivo presented a look at the mind flipping Essentials Creative visual for "Burnout"; Beach House shared the San Charoenchai visual for "Alien"; White Fence delivered the new single "Lorelei" from the upcoming album I Have to Feed Larry’s Hawk available in January; pop icons Sunflower Bean announced their upcoming EP King of the Dudes available January 25 via Mom + Pop and a tour with Interpol, delivering the shining new single "Come For Me"; Adeline delivered the high society styles and sleekness of "Hi Life"; Jay Shephard dropped the big time jammer "Real One"; Nana Adjoa delivered the life and death oscillating single "DOOA" off A Tale So Familiar available November 11 via Bloomer Records; Yumi Zouma delivered a look at the catchy, cool, clever and creative visual for "Crush"; SASAMI signed to Domino and dropped the perfect single "Not the Time"; Jason Lytle delivered the endearing "Color of Dirt" off the split with Kyle Field from Little Wings and Kramies; Chicago's Options delivered a listen to lackadaisical album to observe the changing of the seasons with Vivid Trace; Little Simz delivered the new defending and offending single "Offence"; Girlpool delivered the new power jams "Lucy's" and "Where You Sink" via ANTI-; L.A. Witch delivered the west coast wonder visual for "Baby in Blue Jeans"; Colyn Cameron delivered the sweet and suave single for "Coolest"; David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti announced the release of their Thought Gang album Fiery Ships via Sacred Bones and unveiled the moody experimental number "Woodcuters"; Dolly Parton delivered the inspirational statement of rights and history with "A Woman's Right"; Innes Wilson delivered the rocking energy from here to eternity with "From Now to Forever" off the Seaview EP; Flour Flour delivered a listen to the electro-entrancing EP Dimension A; Buffalo's Welks Mice delivered the minimalist and affectionate new single "Your Heart is the Purple Sage"; Work Drugs melted our spirits and selves with the single "Spirit" from the album Holding On To Forever; Beach House delivered the video for "Drunk in LA" that was apparently produced, directed and edited by Sonic Boom with Nuno Jardim alongside production assistant Samantha Tyson; Dev Ray delivered the regal visual from Elise Mesner for "Palaces" via Dangerbird Records; Hanne Mjøen delivered the lavish and indulgent visual for "Sounds Good to Me"; J Mascis delivered the Shane Wahlund and Michael Anderson visuals for "Elastic Days" starring Dina Martina; Soul Cannon delivered the direction driver "Test Drive"; Sierra Mountain delivered the football kicking visual for "Everything's Fine" off the Atelier Ciseaux/AB Records release Are U single? No, I'm album available October 9; MUNYA delivered the ground sweeping single "If I'm Gone Tomorrow (It's Because of Aliens)"; The Dodos delivered a look at the swift martial arts moving visuals for "SW3" courtesy of Ryan Daniel Browne; Coattails delivered the emotive and earnest exhibitions of "Waves" off the upcoming Imaginary Friends EP arriving November 9; Danny Golden delivered the Americana affections of the title track from the upcoming album Old Love available November 2 via Drunk Luck Records; Blak Emoji delivered the awaited follow-up to 2016's INTRO with the lavish late night rager "Another Club Night" from the upcoming album KUM available September 21; Cat Power shared the emotionally arresting and minimalist piano visual for "Stay" from the new album Wanderer available October 5 via Domino; Ian Sweet delivered the desert rocking visuals for the meditative and personal anthem "Spit" off the upcoming album Crush Crusher available October 26 via Hardly Art; Rachel Ana Dobken delivered the single that pushes for permanence and perseverance with "Always"; Mother Feather delivered the ripping and rolling single "Red Hot Metal" from the forthcoming album Constellation Baby available November 2 via Metal Blade; Monteagle, aka Justin of Nassau, delivered the SoCal simmering dreamer "East LA" off the album Midnight Noon available November 30 via Fire Talk; The Ocean got heavy with the big bashing jam "Permian: The Great Dying" off the album Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoi; Holy Golden spun the spheres of chance with the new single "Wheel of Fortune"; Alto Aria delivered the psychic senses of perception and more via the Amanda Bødker co-directed visual for "I See You"; Honey Moon shared the spirited release Four More From...; Young Dolph delivered the indulgent monetary flaunting visual for "Break the Bank" ft. Offset; Erika Spring delivered the cryptic and electronic undercurrents of "Less"; Posh Hammer delivered the chronos kicking single "To Kill Time" from the forthcoming Dancing in Place EP; Kramies delivered a look at the enchanted and intriguing Moon Moon Moon (Mark Lohmann) visual for "Everything The End" ft. Jason Lytle; Mekong Xpress shared the serene beauty of enlightened indications on "Common Knowledge" off the upcoming Egghunt album of the same name available October 19; Charli XCX & Troye Sivan partied like it was "1999"; Lil Baby, Gunna & Drake dropped the sinewy slapper "Never Recover";

Maryjo Mattea of Two Dragons and a Cheetah unleashed the absolutely epic and uncompromising anthem "The Other Side" ft. Cody Valentine; Benny Sings signed to Stones Throw and delivered the DIY visual for his smooth, sweet and sentimental cover of Drake's "Passionfruit"; Bristol's The Desert delivered a listen to the expansively electronic and honest sound-scapes with "Gone"; Warbly Jets presented a look at the throwback art-film styled video for "Shapeshifter"; Georgia Mae delivered the ultra-pop illustrations of thrills, flights of fancy and "Fools"; Michael Richard Klics delivered the gentle vacation glow of "Resort Town"; Bohkeh delivered the single about matters of maturation and more with "Childish"; Big Eater and Mega Bog's Matt Bachman announced the upcoming album Unconditional Love available November 2 via Orindal and delivered the beautiful and breathtaking single "To Be in Love" that will reach the most personal places of the heart; Rose Droll delivered the shimmering splendor of "Hush" from the upcoming debut album Your Dog available November 16 via Father/Daughter and Double Denim; Four Fists, comprised of P.O.S. and Astronautalis, presents the intense Mercies May video for "Nobody's Biz" off the anticipated album 6666 available October 12 via Doomtree Records; Tangerine delivered the epic Richie Owen video for the grand single "Local Mall" off the White Dove EP available October 19 via AWAL; Georgia Mae delivered a sincere pop song of wise folks and "Fools"; Ian William Craig delivered a listen to the atmospheric "Some Absolute Means" off Thresholder available November 2 via 130701; Soft Center delivered the visual about the remaining threads that tie and bind with "Loose Ends"; Katie Mullins delivered the layered vocal wonder of "Crocuses"; Philly's Palmas delivered the inquiries of direction and more with wandering wonder of "Where Are You Going"; Ralo rose up against adversity with the Murrille-produced track "The World Against Me"; Monteagle, aka Justin of Nassau, delivered the SoCal simmering dreamer "East LA" off the album Midnight Noon available November 30 via Fire Talk; The Soft Rider, aka Laurent of Laurence Wasser, delivered the electro single "Words" off the forthcoming The Pool EP available October 19 via Atomic Bongos; Animal Waves delivered the Ian McGee night tripping visual for "In the Meadow"; Anamon delivered the amped-up Mike Martinez performance visual for "Iron Bill" off the album Purple, Green and Yellow; Small Billions delivered the celestial Ryan Linder visuals for the starry synth studded singles "Bullets in the Bower" along with "Outro"; Deal Casino delivered a look at the lurid b/w visual for "French Blonde"; Lando Chill dropped the mesmerizing single "Fauna" off the forthcoming album Black Ego available October 12 via Mellow Music Group; Calvine Valentine delivered the Joe Baker animated visual for "KSS" of summer sensations off the Keep Summer Safe album; Lex Rush delivered the indulgent party visual for the ludicrous shoulder shaking jam "Tequila Tecate" ft. Teddy Sims and P. Cruz; Mallrat delivered the stratosphere sentiments of eternal summer styles via the In the Sky EP; Baauer & Miquela delivered the warehouse dance visual for "Hate Me"; Chastity Belt delivered the meditative fruit smoothie motif visual from Claire Buss for "It's Obvious"; GRAACE delivered the Sejon Im visual for "Last Night" that grapples with issues of resentment in a candid confessional; Brandon Lowry, aka Baby FuzZ delivered the bombast of "Burial"; OWEL presented the emotive perceptions of "I Saw Red"; Blossomer delivered the evocative expanses of emotion and exegesis with "Preacher Learner"; Mothica delivered the brash bravado of "Burnout"; Marc Ribot, Shahzad Ismaily, Ches Smith as Ceramic Dog laid the Kavanaugh smack down with the video for the dissenting new single "Beer"; Hunnah delivered the Stephanie Osuna-Hernandez visual for the earnest thought streams of "Think About It"; Antagonista, ft. members of Hills Like Elephants, shared the chess match and city thought space visuals for "Bad Medicine" directed by Bernard Feinsod, Michael Alan Hams & Christian Motos; Sigrid delivered the atmospheric and emotive tinged "Sucker Punch (Four Tet remix)"; RKCB dropped the evocative and atmospheric visual from Mike O'Brien for the sounds of solitude "Alone With You Pt. 2"; Benedict Sister delivered the suave jam "Ne Dramatise Pas (16 Lines from Bryan Ferry)"; The Dodos delivered the sentimental new single "Center Of" from the upcoming album Certainty Waves available October 12 via Polyvinyl; Blithe delivered the addictive pop exposition of "Bad Habit"; LA's More Giraffes delivered the cool and vibrant complicated feelings visual for "Not Cool"; Baby FuzZ delivered the hedonistic visual of puppet love and more for "Disneyland"; Tolliver delivered a listen to the electronically enhanced expressions of Rites; Gabby's World, fka Eskimeaux announced the upcoming album Beast on Beast available November 2 with a listen to the singles "Winter, Withdraw" and "Rear View"; Young Jesus delivered the message of pop messianism with The Whole Things is Just via Saddle Creek; Little Dragon delivered the intimate dance expressions with the title track off the upcoming EP Lover Chanting available November 9 via Ninja Tune; Nicole Dollanganger delivered the Mac Boucher co-directed visual for the melancholy and beautifully tragic "Lemonade" off Heart Shaped Bed available October 26; Sheridan Reed delivered the sweet expressions of desire via the visual for the single "We Should Both Be Here" from Cassandra Klepac; Lavender Fields delivered the rhythmic exhibitions of Music Beyond Music; Sydney Wright delivered the nocturnal notions of longing titled "Time of Night"; Little Grim delivered the intimate and reflective visual for "Silence"; Jackie Venson delivered the wilderness rambling visual for the ode to perseverance "Keep On"; Mocha Bands presented the Jon Eric asphalt anchored visual for "Longevity"; Blood Orange delivered the Dev Hynes self-directed visual for "Chewing Gum" ft. A$AP Rocky and Project Pat; Amanda Palmer and Jasmine Power presented the Noémie Lafrance video for "Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now"; AlunaGeorge delivered the creature comforts of the new single "Cold Blooded Creatures" ft. Bryson Tiller off the Champagne Eyes EP; Lil Pump delivered the bossy and flossy single "Multimillionaire" ft. Lil Uzi Vert; VOILÀ delivered the fancy and emotive pop of "Don't"; Sheck Wes delivered MUDBOY; Montreal artist Daniel Isaiah delivered the spaced-out and sentimental beauty of "Javelin Fade"; Yelle delivered the "OMG!!! (Safetalk Remix)" along with the "OMG!!! (Mila Dietrich Remix)"; Anne Malin shared the landscape sweeping new single of expressive utterance and carefully strummed chords that is "In Waves"; Kurt Vile dropped "One Trick Ponies";

DAWN delivered the tripped-out title track from the upcoming album new breed available January 25; Remember Sports delivered a look at the Faye Orlove video for "The 1 Bad Man" that is a walk through of a gallery comprised of artifacts from failed relationships; Beak> shared a look at the mesmerizing Alex Garland visual for "When We Fall" ft. Sonoya Mizuno; Courtney Barnett delivered the cool strolling single "Small Talk" off the compilation 10 Years of Mom+Pop; Anderson .Paak delivered the new classic cruising single "Tints" ft. Kendrick Lamar; Pines delivered a listen to the shining and shimmering new single "Glisten"; Jessie Ware delivered the new beat-centric single "Overtime"; Glass Candy delivered the new sassy and synthed-up single "Naked City"; Yellow Days delivered the single "How Can I Love You?"; Helga delivered the ecologically minded single and Olof Grind visual for "Battle Song"; Tiger Lion delivered the oceanic grandiose pop of "Black Sea" and the accompanying Victoria Fiore video; Arc Iris delivered a look at the consciousness expanding and warm Zach Tenorio visual for "If You Can See” featured off the album Icon of Ego via Ba Da Bing Records; The Y Axes delivered the performance visual for the pop punk jam "Empty Space" captured by Charged Heart Productions at 924 Gilman; Callow delivered the lonesome honky-tonk duster "Go Down" with a visual from Modern Human Productions captured at Vermillion Art Bar, Seattle; Restorations delivered a look at the vast landscape wandering visual for "Caretraker" off of LP5000 via Tiny Engines; Elea Calvet delivered the moving and powerful single "Sacrifice"; Airpark delivered the emotive and devoted single "Devotion"; Johnny Gates delivered some nocturnal moods with the single "Brooklyn Nights"; Manudigital delivered the constructive and synth-centric visual for "Ruff it Up" ft. General Degree; Arthur delivered the sensational new single "Sweet Memory"; Only Yours delivered the exhibitions of infinity with the single "Everlasting" from the upcoming Overrun release; Taliwhoah delivered the track field trekking track "Run Along"; Middle Kids delivered the lyric visual for the tear streaked sick styles of "Salt Eyes"; Nef The Pharaoh dropped the glamorous baller-life visual for "86" ft. Cuban Doll & ALLBLACK; Kelly Moran delivered a listen to the single "Helix" off the Warp Records album Ultraviolet; J Fernandez delivered a look and listen to the lyric video for cool, calm and collected cut "Common Sense" off the upcoming album Occasional Din available November 9 via Joyful Noise; Paige Stark from Tashaki Miyaki delivered the sweet and sentimental soaring single "Albatross"; Johnny Jewel's Zola Jesus remixes; Tyler, the Creator dropped the Cherry Bomb instrumentals; Andy Cook delivered the hazy visuals for "Run" from the Good Eye Records EP Modern Man; Vök delivered the dusk to dawning new single "Night & Day"; Shy Girls delivered the visual of praise and nature for "Hallelujah"; Daisybones delivered the upbeat and economic electro single "Choke" off the album Gold available November 9; Fool's Gold's Luke Top delivered the smooth sailing title track from the upcoming EP The Dumb Show via Grand Gallop and Org Music; Mr. Koifish delivered the hope hanging single "Hang Our Coasts"; Danielle Dahl delivered the intimate expressions of amour on "Love Song"; Lifestyles dropped the raving and railing new jam "Wail" off the split 7" with Meat Wave via No Trend Records; Dominique Tey, formerly of MAASAI, delivered the track of cathartic release with "Let It Out"; Neneh Cherry delivered the new suave single "Natural Skin Deep"; Escort delivered the snazzy and styling single "Slide"; The Theophilus London x Tame Impala connection continues; Usher and Zaytoven dropped "A"; Brian Eno and Kevin Shields shared "Only Once Away My Son"; Gunnar Gehl delivered the azul pop expressions with "Ocean Blue"; wifisfuneral delivered the aesthetics of attention with "The Art of Neglection" ft. Robb Bank$ produced by Cris Dinero; Tatiana DeMaria delivered the emotively charged single "Make Me Feel"; 88rising delivered a look and listen at the "All of Our Heads in the Clouds" visual; Friendly Fires dropped the new big jam "Heaven Let Me In" co-produced alongside Disclosure; Deal Casino dropped the singles "Cookman" and "Marley"; Mikky Ekko delivered the glamorous and artistic visual for "Cherish You"; Monteagle delivered the sweet and savory single "Master"; Chicago’s Axis: Sova, ft. Brett Sova, delivered the DIY performance cool visual for "Dodger" from Derek Weber featured off their album Shampoo You available November 16 via via God? Records; Oh Pep! delivered the earnest, expressive and exquisite single "Your Nail and Your Hammer"; Ty Segall covered The Dils’ “Class War” featured off the covers album Fudge Sandwich available October 26 via In The Red; Lowland Hum shared the visual for "Salzburg Summer"; Perhapsy (Derek Barber who is known for work with Madeline Kenney, Bells Atlas and Christopher Owens' Curls) delivered the sincere and sentimentally staggering single "The Curse is Getting Worse" off Kingdom Starlight Bliss via Porch Party Records; Editors delivered the dramatic and impassioned visual from Rahi Rezvani for "Cold" featuring dance moves by Drew Jacoby; Ian William Craig shared the expansive atmospheres of "The Last Wesbrook Lamen"; Kero Kero Bonito delivered the KKB DIY VHS visual for post-summer soaring "Flyway" off the album Time 'n' Place; Ten Fé presented a look at the visual for "Won't Happen" off the album Future Perfect, Present Tense available this March; Darkwing delivered the radical and raging song suite "Vicious / Who U R"; Tangerine (Marika and Miro Justad with Toby Kuhn) delivered their self-made shore-side glamorous visual for "Cherry Red"; OBB delivered the new fall frequencies of "Is This a Thing"; Eminem's Empire State performance of "Venom"; David Lynch's Festival of Disruption to feature a Twin Peaks VR experience; Lindsey Buckingham versus Fleetwood Mac; Fyre Fest bro sentenced to 6 years in prison; Taylor Swift got all political; Fabolous indicted on felony domestic violence charges; Sigur Rós percussionist accused of sexual assault; BØRNS accused of sexual misconduct; we remember the Records' John Wicks, Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, Charles Aznavour, Otis Rush, Jefferson Airplane's Marty Balin, Takehisa Kosugi, Leonard Cohen's posthumous poem about Kanye West; Kanye got really weird at the White House. imprint of prestige Atelier Ciseaux announced a hiatus; Big Ups announced a hiatus; and Frank Ocean is offering free merch to voters.

Keep up with all the buzz via Week in Pop’s news department.

Swimming through the fairest of the solstices & seasons

In our efforts to hunker down and brace for Hurricane Florence, iOS 12 GM hype, political posturing, gestures and more—Week in Pop shares snapshots of developing media stories beyond the headlines and entertainment pages. Top news is that Zenizen delivered the illustrious and expansive new single "Es Is"; phem continues a reign of dominance with the new SremmLife-styled single "Swae Lee"; Banny Grove delivered The Speech; Yumi Zouma announced EP III via Cascine with a listen to the glamorous splendor of "In Camera"; Fat Spirit are working on an upcoming album slated for release in October via Citrus City and delivered a listen to the DIY ripping and roaring fresh singles "Ace of Cups" and "Cul De Sac"; Shamir released the hotly anticipated self-released album Resolution; Drinker returned with the consciousness enveloping and uplifting movement of epic proportions titled "Fragment II"; Nashville legend Connor Youngblood shared the cosmic ethereal twang and electric hymn of "Cheyenne" via Counter Records; Foliage delivered a look at the sincere visuals from David Rodriguez for the endearing expressions of "Let's Go Home"; Bay Area institution the Anita Lofton Project delivered the potent statements of self-actualization and more with the radical "Boom Boom"; Empress Of announced the upcoming album Us available October 19; Hop Along presented a look at the Derrick Belcham visual for "Somewhere a Judge"; YBN Cordae delivered the Lyrical Lemonade visual for "Scotty Pippen"; Devonté Hynes presented a look at the self-directed visual for the new Blood Orange single "Saint"; Joey Purp dropped the bossy YAKUB Films visual for "Bag Talk" off the upcoming QUARTERTHING; J Mascis announced the new album Elastic Days available November 8 via Sub Pop with a listen to the sentimental strumming single "See You at the Movies"; Cardi B presented the Mike Ho phone chord motif visual for "Ring" ft. Kehlani; Brooke Candy presented the Pastelae video for "My Sex" ft. Pussy Riot, Mykki Blanco & MNDR; Young Thug delivered the album Slime Language; Moonwalker presented the world the snazzy cool car visuals for "Conquer" via Standby Records; behold the breathtaking earthy and ethereal beauty that abounds in Arnór Dan's visual for "Stone By Stone" directed by Andri Haraldsson; Father announced the Awful Swim project available September 21; Basement Revolver rocked us with the ethereal storm crashing cataclysms of "Heavy Eyes"; Omni Gardens, oka Moon Glyph boss Steve Rosborough previously of Soothsayer, announced the album West Coast Escapism available September 28 via Holodeck delivering a look at the mind expanding Victor Enriquez video for thought pop of "Thinking"; Guerilla Toss delivered the title track "Twisted Crystal" and the new single "Green Apple" from the upcoming DFA album; Soccer Mommy presented an intimate and evocative cover of the Boss's iconic single "I'm On Fire" featured off the forthcoming Henry/I'm On Fire 7"; Emily Magpie delivered the steam driving single "Last Train"; Justus Proffit & Jay Som delivered their cool cruising and jangling collaborative single "Nothing's Changed" off the EP of the same name available September 28 via Polyvinyl; Madeline Kenney presented the meditative and transcendent visuals for the new single "Overhead" a look at the lavish and glamorous minimal visual for "Bad Idea" from the upcoming album Perfect Shapes available October 5 via Carpark; Supersilent sent word of the new album 14 available September 28 via Smalltown Supersound with a listen to the atmospheric environments of "14.7"; We Are Parasols presented the celestial sky scorching single "The Gods Have Become Disease"; Tolliver delivered the DIY visuals from Kellen Malloy for the evocative and expressive single "Emmanuel"; SG Lewis delivered the illustrious dance floor destroyer "Hurting" ft. AlunaGeorge from the Dust, Dark, Dawn trilogy; Illingsworth rolls the die on "DnD" ft. Denmark Vessey ; Old Smile, aka New Jersey's prolific Tom Herman, released the radical consciousness expanding Ripple Trail EP along with the videos for "Shifting Avenue" and "Another One"; Toronto sibling duo SWANES delivered the singles of loathsome luxury with "I Hate Summer" and the romantic rhythms of "BPD"; ASHRR presented the puppetry themed visual from Keith Musil for the snazzy single "Sometimes"; Portland's own noise denizens The Fourth Wall broke down the barriers of sonic conventions with their Bug Hunt album Infinite Other; Beauty in Chaos previewed the upcoming album finding beauty in chaos with the retro riding single "Storm" ft. Ashton Nyte; Shaun Durkan (of Weekend) released the mixtape Argot; Princess Chelsea presented the Super 8 video from Anastasia Doniants for "Wasting Time" along with the the fairy tale epic visual for "I Miss My Man", both off the upcoming album The Loneliest Girl available September 7 via Lil' Chief Records; Holy Golden took us on an audio and visual trip to a "Lost Island" from their upcoming album Sleepers in the Milky Way; Sarah P. delivered the fashionable shore coasting visual for "Millennial Girl" from George Geranios; MNEK delivered Language; Papercuts delivered the humors and hauntings of "Laughing Man" off the album Parallel Universe Blues available this fall via Slumberland; Cautious Clay delivered the regal and radical new single "Crowned"; Peel Dream Magazine shared the endearing dream machine of "Shenandoah" from the album Qi Velocity available October 4 via Slumberland; Spain delivered the sun inspired sentiments of "Maya in the summer"; The Brazen Youth unveiled the new album Primitive Initiative; Young Readers delivered the slow stepping emotive textures of "Dancing"; Psychedelic Porn Crumpets delivered their situationist search for satisfaction with "Social Candy"; The Unlikely Candidates delivered the ecstasy of newfound discovery with "Best I Ever Had"; Adam Hood delivered some twang with the new single "She Don't Love"; Heather Morgan delivered the storm weathering ballad of "Your Hurricane"; Asleep at the Wheel presented the honky-tonk piano pop of "Seven Nights to Rock"; Dillon Carmichael brought some southern comforts with the softly swaying square dance of "Dancing Away with My Heart"; Peluché delivered the expressive and intimate single "Figure Me Out" taken off the debut album Unforgettable available September 28 via One Little Indian Records; PANDA$ joined the Danger Village family with a listen to the peaceful gestures of "Love After War" ft. Anastastia Elliot; Her's delivered the candid cut "Under Wraps" off of Invitation to Her’s available August 24 via Heist or Hit; Sea Moya presented the illustrious and electric single "The Long Run" off the album Falmenta available October 12; Darryl Rahn delivered the ballroom invitational ballad "Everybody's Dancin'"; K Michelle DuBois delivered free growing and free flowing anthem "Wild Weed"; Calvin Valentine delivered the smooth speeding cruiser of "911 Turbo" off Keep Summer Safe available September 14 via Mello Music Group; Bernhoft delivered the cyber-self single of "Humanoid"; YBN Nahmir dropped the yacht life visual from Christian Breslauer for "No Relations", announcing the new mixtape arriving September 7; check out the synth-lit RAC Remix of Noah Kahan’s new single "Come Down"; Honey Moon delivered the new serene and sweetly stitched single "Yours, Girl"; The Chairman Dances presented the dimension beyond conventional directions titled "No Compass, No Map" along with the visuals for "Acme Parking Garage" both off the upcoming album Child of My Sorrow available August 24; Lando Chill announced the new album Black Ego available October 12 via Mello Music Group and dropped the smooth, suave and wavy "Peso" ft. Quelle Chris & Rey along with the ethereal illustrations of "Dah Vapor" ft. Swansuit; Plums announced EP 02 arriving September 7 via Forged Artifacts with a listen to the windy wonder "Wendy"; M.A.D. emerged on the scene with the serenity soaring single "Everything";

Nightmares on Wax shared the radical remix of Solomon Grey's "Wonderful World"; Seasaw delivered the imaginative Nate Chappell visual for "God(zilla)"; Cool Life shared the performance pop visuals for "Waves" ft. Eric Nally; NAVVI presented the atmospheric ambiance of "Us"; Sophie Colette presented the expressive and affectionate illustrations of "That Kind of Love"; Little Pieces presented an antidote to our collective exhaustion with the visual for "Tired All the Time"; Suede delivered the Mike Christie visual for "Life Is Golden" filmed in the abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine; Free Money delivered the anthem raging single "Up in the Sky"; Petrol Girls defined what true life sororities are via the visuals for "Sister"; Nick Wilson raised the brightness of the day with the single "Get Up"; Skylar Spence brought all the latter day summer sensational sentiments via the Jen Goma visual for "Carousel"; Colyn Cameron, previously of Wake Owl, announced the debut solo album Sad & Easy available October 12 with a look at the rustic Rob Rice visual for the expressive single "Loss For Words"; Adeline, of Escort, shared the sensually expressive aesthetic visual from Liza Voloshin for "Swirl"; Parrot Dream delivered the new stratosphere surveying single "Cloudchaser"; Masego dropped the new meets vintage swagger of "Old Age" ft. SiR; Exploded View delivered the dark flying new single "Raven Raven"; Calvin Valentine dropped a little old school analogue with the fresh single "Vhs" ft. Illa J; DeModa delivered the urgent and immediate embraces of "All We Got" ft. Akacia; KT Tunstall shared the creative channels and currents of "The River"; Abandoned by Bears delivered a listen to the album Headstorm; Kanye x Lil Pump's "I Love It" video produced by Spike Jones; Holychild delivered the bright and snazzy new single "Hundred Thousand Hearts"; The Little Miss delivered the escapist request of "Take Me, Too" off the American Dream EP; Elk City delivered the holistic mysticism of the Ray Ketchem video for "Root Beer Shoes"; Kailee Morgue delivered the oceanic aesthetics of "Siren"; Party Hardly delivered the fist clenched and arm raising anthem "Terry Shure"; Leeds' own Far Caspian presented the world with the beautiful and comforting new single "The Place"; FEVA delivered the comfort space shaking single "Uneasy"; KiingRod delivered the flashy video for "Chimmy" ft. DaBoii of SOB X RBE off the Just the Beginning mixtape; OTM Frenchyy presented the intense and real visual for "Seen It All" ft. Rod Wave; Lions of Dissent delivered a look at the radical Tim Baker visual for "Honey From Hell" via Lion Rebel Recordings; The Goon Sax delivered a listen to the defeatist ballad "We Can't Win" off the upcoming album We're Not Talking available September 14 via Wichita Recordings; HEX delivered the gothed-out and groovy Amber Beaton directed video for "Billboard";  Evvol delivered a listen to the single "Song For the Broken Hearted (Rollin')"; Suicideyear delivered the cryptic Ryan Clarke visual for "Tired"; Billy Lemos brought all the weird and wondrous vibes with the totally DIY designed AWKWARD EP; Perry Selba delivered an inspired listen to "And You Are?" ft. Scott McCaughey off of Wherefore Art Thou? Songs Inspired By Nick Hornby’s Juliet, Naked; Rude Audio shared a look at the day-prepping visual for "To the Sun" off the Rude Redux EP available October 8; Yoko Ono delivered a look at the visual for the potent patriarchy crushing "Woman Power" from the upcoming album Warzone available October 19 via Chimera Music; Dakota Blue released the anticipated album Plaza to Plaza; London's own The Swagger presented the heavy rocker "Heart 'N' Soul"; Cape Weather delivered the expressive and earnest new single "Orchestration"; June West presented a look at the natural and free-spirited Drew Xanthopoulos visual for "Game to Claim"; Dead Ceremony shared the heartbreaking narrative of relationship discontinuities via the Zak Harney visual for "Heartache"; NYC crew 79.5 delivered the single of pensive perspectives with "Facing East" from the debut album Predictions available September 28 via Big Crown Records; Helena Deland delivered the beautiful and spirit raising single "Rise" off Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. III & IV available October 19 via Luminelle Recording; VRWRK delivered the brand new album of outsider and insider vibes On the Outside; GABI delivered the unconscious awakening movement "Sleep" off of the upcoming Double Double Whammy album Empty Me available October 5; TNT Tez delivered the summer blasting visual for "Wok" produced by Internet Money; Interpol delivered a look at the Hala Matar video for "If You Really Love Nothing"; Her's released Invitation to Her’s' via Heist or Hit; Church Girls delivered the sincere fresh single "Dead Wood" off the upcoming EP Home available September 7; E-40 delivered the album The Gift of Gab; Desiigner dropped "Shoot"; Logic dropped "The Return"; Rubblebucket delivered Sun Machine; Ohmme delivered a listen to Parts via Joyful Noise; Mr.Koifish, fronted by Morten Køie, presented the new heavy single "The End"; Amir Obe presented the world with Can't Be a ____ Here: Chapter 1; Colter Wall delivered a classic slice of Americana with "Saskatchewan in 1881" off Songs of the Plains; Pearl Charles delivered the throwback styled visual from Cherokee Neas for "All The Boys" ; A Shoreline Dream presented a look at the performance video from Ryan Policky for the ethereal single "Waitout" via Latenight Weeknight Records; Clark Twain shared some power pop sentiments with the single "Try Too Hard"; m1nk delivered a look at the visual for the outer reaching new single "The Far Side" via Seja Records; Emma Louise presented a look at the live at 64 Sound performance visual for "Falling Apart"; Brooks Thomas delivered the expressions of inertia with “Gravity” from the upcoming album Poison available September 21; Japanese Television delivered the psych jam "Country Joe" off the self-titled debut EP available September 7 via Tip Top Recordings; Bas delivered the anticipated album Milky Way; Lights On Moscow delivered the transcendent debut single "Lord Let Me Know"; Yelle delivered the visual for the exasperated, artistically explicit and illustrative audio of "OMG!!!"; Danny Brown unveiled new material via Twitch; Mark Kozelek announced album with Donny McCaslin and Jim White of Dirty Three called Mark Kozelek with Donny McCaslin and Jim White available March 1 via Caldo Verde; Mac DeMarco covered Haruomi Hosono's "Honey Moon"; BTS and Nicki Minaj collaborated on "Idol"; Courtney Barnett presented the Ashley Connor 16mm filmed visual for "Charity"; Chance, Joey Purp, KAMI and Smoko Ono dropped the colalborative cut "Reboot"; Klein delivered the visual for "Brother"; Dave Davies of The Kinks announced an album of unreleased solo material titled Decade available October 12 via Red River Entertainment/Green Amp; Death Cab covered Richard Swift's "Most of What I Know"; Mykki Blanco starred in the short "Wypipo"; Loretta Lynn announced that the anticipated album Wouldn't It Be Great will be available September 18, sharing the title track; Primal Scream announced the upcoming long-overdue release of Give Out But Don’t Give Up: The Original Memphis Sessions available October 12; Poppy and Diplo dropped the Titanic Sinclair visual for their track "Time is Up"; Christine and the Queens presented a look at the Colin Solal Cardo visual for "5 Dollars"; Madonna debuted "Beautiful Game" at the MET Gala; Samantha Glass presented a look at the b/w video for the synth-studded sentiments of "Cruel Anxiety"; Connan Mockasin announced the new album Jassbusters available October 12 with a look at the visual for "Con Conn Was Impatient"; Brooklyn artist BAYLi presented the romantic and sensual power couple video for "Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Yin)"; Royal Canoe delivered the Kevan Funk visual for "Rayz" from the upcoming album Waver available Jauary 25 via Paper Bag Records; Chicago's own Desert Liminal released their anticipated evocative and electric cassette Comb for Gold;

North Americans' "Cutty" roadside attraction video from Rocco Rivetti; Black Eyed Peas delivered a look at the video for "Constant Part 1 and 2" ft. Slick Rick; LANSKI offered up some electronic emotive exhibitions with "Vows"; RYAN Playground delivered the end of summer semblances of "Empty Pool" ft. Lontalius; Fusilier delivered the conflicts and contras of "dueling"; Berlin's Godmother, aka Joey Hansom, delivered the meditations on mortality with "Death Drive"; Lauren Duski delivered the reflective visual for "Costume Party"; Alice Smith covered the classic "House of the Rising Sun" with a whole lotta passion; Ro Ransom delivered the big slapping and rolling anthem of motivation "Might Go" ft. Kensei Abbot featured off the upcoming release Possessed available September 14 via Same Plate Entertainment; Cosmic Strip delivered a taste of their latest high "Sugar Rush" featured off the debut EP Heavenly; Harp Samuels delivered the sea to sky drifting velocity of "Away"; Pastel Ghost delivered a listen to the mercurial quicksilver shine of "Mercury" featured off the forthcoming album Ethereality available October 5 via Cleopatra Records; Young Dolph presented a look at the major key boss life video for "Major" ft. Key Glock off Role Model available September 21; Slothrust delivered a listen to the observatory experience of "Planetarium" off The Pact available September 14 via Dangerbird Records; Dev Ray delivered the new cryptic castle crumbling single "Palaces" via Dangerbird Records; Becky Warren delivered the road wandering visual for "The Drake Motel"; Maceo Plex remixed Maribou State's "Nervous Tics"; Steven A. Clark delivered the new Boys Noize-produced epic and eternal single "On and On"; Ava Luna presented a look at the Becca Kauffman and Bucky Illingworth visual for "Childish" from the upcoming album Moon 2 available September 7 via Western Vinyl; Henry Chadwick delivered a look at the self-drawn visual for "Wrong Way" from the new Marlin Fisher album; People Museum dropped a listen to the new single electric and art-felt expressions "Bible Belt" from the debut album I Dreamt You In Technicolor available September 28; Sleepy Zuhoski provided a look at the soul searching in the modern world video for the Lights cover "Muscle Memory" off the Palo Santo Records release Better Haze; Don Q released Don Season 2 via High Bridge; Many Voices Speak released the anticipated debut Tank Town via Hit City U.S.A. / Strangers Candy; Saintseneca released the album Pillar of Na via ANTI- Records with a look at the live performance of "Beast in the Garden"; Deru delivered the visual Refuge via Friends of Friends; Human People provided a listen to the electric garage heroics of "Jenny" via Exploding in Sound; It Looks Sad. announced the album Sky Lake available November 2 via Tiny Engines delivering a listen to the ethereal bridging of the oceans and the heavens with "Drool"; San Francisco's Dangermaker sent word of the new album Run (available October 5) with a look at the snazzy performance pop visual for "Pressure"; Sarah Chernoff of Mt. Si shared the uplifting and transcendent CSCN single "You're Free" b/w the clandestine moods of "Crime"; Dead Soft announced the New Emotion EP available October 5 via Arts & Crafts with a look at the analogue summer send-off visuals for "Down"; The Black Black sent word of the upcoming album Gravity & Time available September 21 delivering a listen to the late night chasing single "Midnight Expectation"; Yowler provided a listen to the acoustic illustrations of "Angel" off the album Black Dog in My Path available October 12 from Double Double Whammy; Wish You Were Here, aka Jesse Barnett, offered a listen to the sweet and sincere debut single "No Say"; Behaviorist, Stephen Chen from San Fermin, delivered the brass inflected demonstration of "Long Division" feat. Kristin Slipp; Collapsing Scenery delivered the decadence within the dissonance on the track "Resort Beyond The Last Resort"; Gestures delivered the hanging on and hanging out single "Holding On" from the debut album Funny Games available November 9 via PNKSLM Recordings; The Game dropped "DTF" ft. YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih; Matthew Dear shared the title track singles and "Echo" off the upcoming new album Bunny available October 12 via Ghostly; JP Harris delivered a look and listen to the visual for "JP's Florida Blues #1"; DJ Seinfeld remixed George FitzGerald's "Burns"; Peter Bibby delivered the bird-brained Aaron McCann-directed visual for "Long Baby"; Tkay Maidza released the new EP Last Year Was Weird Vol. 1 via Downtown Records with a listen to the new floral blooming and booming single "White Rose"; Alessia Cara delivered an acoustic rendering for "Growing Pains"; Boy Bjorn delivered the sprinting new single "Now I’m Running" off the debut album Mistaken Animals available October 12 via Communion Records; Brandon Coleman delivered the beach dreaming visual for "All Around The World" featured off the new album Resistance available September 14 via Brainfeeder; Saya delivered the lunar affinities of "The Moon"; Dem Atlas delivered the futuristic vibes of "Tomorrow Party" produced by Ant of Atmosphere; Viagra Boys delivered the raw and erratic single "Just Like You" off Street Worms available September 28 via YEAR0001 2018; GADADU announced the new album Outer Song with a look at the Danna Grace Windsor animated visual for "Bay Songs"; Foxhole announced the new album Well Kept Thing available September 28 via Burnt Toast Vinyl with a listen a listen to the proggy arts of "After the Walk"; Saint Slumber delivered the visual for "Infinite"; Neneh Cherry dropped "Shot Gun Shack" off the Broken Politics album available October 19 via Smalltown Supersound; Psychedelic Porn Crumpets delivered the psyched-out visuals for "Social Candy"; NAVVI unveils the dream drawn paintings of sound with "Sampaguita" featured off of Ultra available September 28 via Hush Hush Records; Bliss Signal, aka James Kelly of WIFE, Altar of Plagues with Jack Adams of Mumdance announced their self-titled available September 28 via True Panther Sounds / Profound Lore with a mind blasting listen to "Surge"; Sauna Youth delivered reality breaking "Unreal City" featured off the album Deaths available September 7 via Upset The Rhythm; DOE delivered a view of alien life with "Labour like I Do" off the forthcoming album Grow into It available September 28 via Big Scary Monsters; Portland's Mutineers prepare their evocative and organic Threshold EP ; the iconic Erika Spring released the new single "Scars" from the forthcoming new Cascine EP; Perfect Body delivered the "Fields" of dreams; Zac White dropped the cool and sweet new swaying and swaggering single "Spent On You"; Austin's Wrongbird delivered the brass inflected single "The Plot"; TTNG delivered a baroque re-imagining of the single "Dog"; Joe Cardamone from The Icarus Line dropped the romantic night strolling visual for "Love Roses" from the forthcoming Holy War available September 21 via Helium Records; celebrating 50 years of The Byrds' Sweetheart of the Rodeo; Snoop Dogg's cookbook; Post Malone announced Posty Fest 2018; Josh T. Pearson covered Depeche Mode's "Cover Me"; Fervor Records are reissuing The Spiffs' 1980 album Don't Waste Your Money on this Garbage on August 31; The Velvet Underground Experience art & music exhibition is happening October 10 through December 20 in NYC; an Eagles compilation surpasses Michael Jackson's Thriller as the current all-time best-selling album; J.J. Abrams started the label Loud Robot; the Elon Musk x Azelia Banks x Grimes story got weirder; Gerard Love left Teenage Fanclub; Kodak Black is out of jail; Young Thug busted at a Dave & Buster's; and we celebrate the life and works of Aretha Franklin, Lynyrd Skynyrd's Ed King, Kyle Pavone of We Came as Romans, Lindsay Kemp, Neville Staple's (of The Specials) grandson Fidel, DJ Ready Red and Mac Miller.

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