Premiere | The Band Ice Cream, "Your Guy"

Providing you with some summery San Francisco sentiments to last you through fall—treat yourselves to the cautionary tale visual premiere for "Your Guy" by the Bay Area's own The Band Ice Cream. Featured off their Numbskull release (available now via Dazzleships Records/Believe Music/Urban Scandal Records; the band's power pop ballad is treated to a downtown SF short that warns against the dangers of consuming weird pills off the streets. A PSA that warns about mixing the dangers of street junk and skateboarding takes a season of sun twisting turn like an asphalt grinding Brothers Grimm fable.

The Band Ice Cream raise a toast to the derelict board busting bums of the city scene with a nod to their chosen name in the visual for "Your Guy". The video begins with our boarding crusader starting their day of grinding the streets as they discover some mystery pills in the road that leads to a metamorphosis situation. Meanwhile the band is seen going about their day, listening to records and snacking on anything around the house as the long-haired skate enthusiast slowly turns into a sweet dairy confection (as an ominous ice cream truck looms about). During a frightening iced-desert becoming by the Tales from the Bridge street art; our unlucky antihero is scooped by a malevolent ice cream man who packages up the boarder into a cooler to be delivered to the rest of the band. The Band Ice Cream is then seen letting the mustachioed ice cream man in as the gang indulges in their inner sweet tooth, evoking their moniker as the passionate fist and heart-clenched power ballad draws to a close. The tragicomic visual accentuates the song's sympathy for the wayward drifter and the gritty guys out there that are trying to better themselves while still succumbing to their slacker code.

The Band Ice Cream delved into the inception for both the audio and visual formation of "Your Guy":

"Your Guy" is a classic narrative that reeks of the desperation and regret. It's about realizing the weirdo can't-live-with-you-can't-live-without-you person in your life has moved on and imagines ways to win the back and show them you're a better person now than you were back then. Hard nods to the Stones, the Band and the Kinks.

The band's new album Numbskull is available now via Spotify and everywhere.

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