The wonderful, whimsical world of Wimps

Shopping with Wimps at a Japanese convience store; photographed by Peter Stellar.

Shopping with Wimps at a Japanese convience store; photographed by Peter Stellar.

Seattle counter-culture traditions both modernist and contemporary represent a very important and prolific proving ground for the PNW creative landscape. Rebellion and radical challenges to societal norms, trends and styles have long-since been staples of progressive conversations displayed by the local artistic denizens, in hand with their corresponding left of left field arts. Few groups from the 206 area code bring messages of inconvenience truths and electrically charged energy, snark and wit like Wimps. Currently promoting their anticipated new album Garbage People—the trio of Rachel Rattner, Dave Ramm and Matt Nyce take us on a dump truck trip to the landfill pit of our current cultural quagmires and quirks with a mix of biting humor and heartfelt humanity.

The anticipated album follow-up to 2015's Suitcase showcases Wimps expounding upon their anecdotal anthems about everything from oddballs, idiosyncrasies, shenanigans and weirdos. Garbage People attacks the automaton occupational ennui with the braniac dumb dumb punk scientificals of "Giant Brain", to getting primordial and gleefully wild on the "Cave Life" rocker that lampoons spartan living conditions. The title track is something of a sequel to the previous single "Dump" that elaborates on the disposable and temporal nature of our existence before kicking the recyclable can into the humdrum gear of "Mope Around" (worthy of being its own slacker dance style sensation), before the cheese pizza thieving antics that has other people's provisions on their mind with the laugh & thrash mosh pit of "O.P.P." [other people's pizza].

Eschewing the gravitational pull of adulting and general responsibility; "Procastination" rips up the to-do lists before the searing song about surrendering the little things on "Quitter". Always edifying the importance of the ultra-economic minute-and-a-half pop song spectacle, "Baggage" shares in the luggage items of burden that we all respectively carry with us (in one manner or another), to the buzzing fury and electric flurry of "Bees" and the practically one minute ode that energetically takes a stand against the urges to indulge in entertainment on the town with "Wanna Go Out". A year in the life of observing Earth's revolutions and rotations around the solar planet is an excuse for a peppy birthday song on "Trip Around the Sun", busting the boredom blues on the mundane toast to "Monday" (featuring the weekday shrug line of everyday is like a Monday to me) right before Wimps send the entire album outward and upward into the sleepless stratosphere of "Insomnia". Garbage People illustrates Wimps maintaining a breakneck level of energy and excitement all throughout the 13 song cycle that further solidifies Rachel, Dave and Matt's criminally underrated pop prowess as sincerely some of the very best in the DIY game.

We had this chance to catch up with Wimps' own Rachel Rattner, Dave Ramm and Matt Nyce in the following interview discussion:

All the latest notes from the world of Wimps.

We Wimps have been hard at work existing as people in this world, working, writing songs and seeing friends and families. We have a new album called Garbage People out now on Kill Rock Stars, buy one for grandma, it makes a great gift.

Side notes from the Seattle scene of interest.

It’s hot in Seattle and no one has air conditioning, so everyone cools off in lake Washington. The lake is wonderful to swim in and only has a small percentage of fecal matter in it at any given time. Like everywhere, the city is constantly changing. A historic venue called the Showbox has just been announced that its being torn down. There are wonderful people there still making art and music and helping their communities. There’s an Italian restaurant up the street where Matt routinely gets a dish called the brazzo that includes three types of meat.

The evolutions, ennui, angst, anxiety, larceny and lunacy that informed the new album Garbage People.

It’s a crazy time to be alive.

Further thoughts about the events and intrigue that informed the new album.

I went to a garage sale and talked to a man who had a nice apple tree. He said he had to hand-pollinate each blossom because there wasn’t enough bees left. Also, we have a pseudo-fascist as a president. So that’s not great.

Insights into the creative synergistic processes and evolution between the three of you.

Generally Rachel writes the basic structure of the songs and then brings them to band practice where Dave and Matt will help turn them into shiny diamonds.

Elaborating on notes from the PNW with ( from left ) Dave, Matt and Rachel; photographed by Nathan Place.

Elaborating on notes from the PNW with (from left) Dave, Matt and Rachel; photographed by Nathan Place.

Everything from books, music, movies and other media that you all have been obsessed with.

Dave and Matt quote "Simpsons" all day long. Rachel only watches nature documentaries.

Other local artists that deserve more recognition.

DoNormaal, Sleepover Club, Table Sugar, Ghost Ease, Mope Grooves, Woolen Men and Lithics are all great.

End of summer/fall/winter battle plans.

Work. Sleep. Eat. Vote.

Notes from the current tour.

To be disclosed! Fun so far! Just ate our first In N Out burger of the trip and have been to two beaches!

Sunny summer thoughts of inspiration and wisdom.

Enjoy the sunny summer days because winter is just around the corner.

Wimps' new album Garbage People is available now via Kill Rock Stars.

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