The summer of Bohkeh

Bohkeh initially arrived on the world's musical radar with the single "Girl, I'm in Love" and continues to share audio emeralds of affection with the new single "Summer High" featuring vocals from Akasmall. Creating a track centered around the inquiries and emotions of summer romance, Bohkeh, aka Los Angeles artist/producer RJ Lim, conducts an economic arrangement of electronic rhythm driven components that create the experience of finding new discoveries of love between the months of June through August to last for all time. Staying loyal to etching out evocative sound textures as witnessed from day one—RJ's collaboration with vocalist Akasmall hones in the focus on the candid moments that mesmerize the senses with feelings and experiences that are difficult to convey with the communication tools of language.

"Summer High" coasts on sparse percussive elements that hinge off emotive synth choices and bubbling sequences that exude anticipatory excitement. Akasmalls spells out the round and round spins of realizing true love in the heat of the holiday solstice where questions of do you really like me, baby lead to new levels of ineffable movements and sections of dazzling keyboard created designs. The production stirs with the feeling of being swept off your feet suddenly where one's whole world discovers a near and dear parallel planet to share an entire galaxy with. The back and forth arrangement of keys creates the semblance of a sublime dialogue as Akasmalls closes the track with the fade-out alliterations of I like you, yes I do... The commencement/conclusion pop ballad for the summer of love 2018 has arrived, dear friends.

We had a chance to talk to RJ Lim of Bohkeh in the following reflective discussion:

Tell us about what has been motivating the world of Bohkeh this summer.

Definitely being surrounded by wholesome people. All of my friends are doing wonderful things for themselves and it’s so contagious. I'm always motivated when I create and share my art with the world. I get a huge high when people relate to my work which is a huge help for me to continue doing what I do, as I'm sure for many artists.

The summer sentiments and experiences that informed "Summer High”.

I've always envisioned summer to be a season where you get out of your comfort zone, try new things, meet new people etc. And along the way, you may meet someone that interests you and makes you feel good. You're solving a puzzle because you don't know if this person feels the same way. So what better way to express it than to sing your feelings out? :)

Insights on the creative synergy you share with Akasmalls.

Akasmalls and I have been friends for a few years now. I didn't know she sings until I came across an Instagram post of her singing Snoh Aalegra's "Fool For You". I was blown away and contacted her as soon as I can. I went ahead and wrote the song as well as the melody for her. She allowed me to take over the creative aspect of the track and she topped it off with her amazing vocals. We were both aligned in how we wanted the song to sound and were pleased with how it turned out.

beyond bedroom pop with Bohkeh

Thoughts on the innovative evolution of Bohkeh at this point in your creative career.

I’m extremely proud of the growth I've obtained since my first single “Girl, I’m in Love” back in 2014. It’s funny because that song was literally my first feature ever, anywhere, and it was with you! I honestly still have a lot to learn though. I've been reflecting on the direction of my music and can't say what's to come. I've been interested in a wide variety of different sounding music so can't wait to make something that I love out of it.

Artists and activists that have your attention and interest.

I've been listening to a lot of music from this artist named DUCKWRTH. He's based in Los Angeles and has a way of punking out hip hop, r&b, soul all together making something I've never heard before. His music makes me feel hype and loose! I'd totally be down to hang with him and make music. As for activists, so many friends and artists that are using their platform to speak out for rightful changes; it's such a beautiful thing to experience.

Summer, fall and winter hopes.

I hope to continue sharing my art by releasing more music, teach and to travel more to do shows and meet fans across the globe. :)

Parting reflections.

Shout out to Sjimon and Week in Pop! So much love for this platform and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Listen to more from Bohkeh via Spotify and Soundcloud.