Dispelling the winter cold spells of our malcontent

Pursuits of arts beyond the deluge of clouds and city lights; press photo courtesy of Week in Pop.

Pursuits of arts beyond the deluge of clouds and city lights; press photo courtesy of Week in Pop.

With the SXSW-mania in full effect, Week in Pop delivers a snapshot of some of the breaking buzz we’re following. With headlines about billionaires gone wild, the confusing and chaotic situations in Venezuela, anticipation of the Mueller report and more—we bring you the top stories you may have missed with news that Atelier Ciseaux label boss Rémi Laffitte launched the new label GÉOGRAPHIE; JPEGMAFIA and HEALTH delivered the new single "I Hate You"; Michael Raintree, aka Oreo Jones, released Through the Depths of Hell I Picked Up the Phone; Whitney Ballen unveiled the Skyler Ford and Daniel Chesney video for "Black Cloud" off Sinking Ship via Father Daughter / Substitute Scene Records; CupcakKe's "Squidward Nose" from Logan Fields; Versing treated us to the arty Gordon De Los Santos visual for the massive and woolly mammoth woven lead single "Tethered" off the hotly anticipated album 10000 arriving May 3 via Hardly Art; Jay Som delivered the new single "Simple"; Dark Tea delivered the DIY escalator escalating Zach Fudge visuals for "Angel of Night" from their Fire Talk album debut; Weyes Blood delivered Natalie Mering's vintage cabin thriller visual for the brilliant power pop single "Everyday" off the Sub Pop album Titanic Rising available April 5; Shouldies shared the art pop, energetic and eccentric video for "Bed" from their debut arriving March 6 via Graveface/NeverNotGoth; KERA shared the bright and brilliant new single "Bright Future Ahead" ft. Devendra Banhart; Brian Sendrowitz of Beat Radio delivered the new expressive and intimate single "Alchemy" from the new EP Everyone I Know, Just Holding On; Nicki Minaj delivered a look at the Mike Ho visual for "Hard White"; Susto delivered the new spirit and sky soaring single "Weather Balloons"; LiveFreeRize presented a look at the Wonderphul filmed visual for the CHVLLY-produced diamond obsessed track "Pinky Ring"; Field Medic shared the endearing single "henna tattoo" and the endearing corresponding visual featured on the Run For Cover Records album fade into the dawn; San Francisco's Micropixie, aka MPX, shared the international and inquisitive audio arts of "The Universal"; buzz for the electric and expressive Thurst album Project Isle Demotion via Too Far Gone Records; Okey Dokey delivered a look at the fancy animated visual for the heartfelt question of heart with "Whose Heart"; San Francisco's The Y Axes delivered the DIY visuals for their origin story song "How We Begin" off the album No Waves; sobhhï delivered a listen and look at the sensual single "facts up" (الحين) of the Black I EP; Bayonne shared the sweet, sincere and serene piano key crafted single "Same" from the album Drastic Measures; Big Tom Callahan delivered the celestial, smooth and emotive debut single "Like Heaven"; Major Moment paid sincere homage to the fallen Chester Benngington via their cover of "Leave Out All the Rest"; Popluxe delivered the luxious pop of their glammed-out and gorgeous LP Lumiere; Earthquake Lights delivered a look at the lovely Minu Park visual for the beautiful light gazing single "Moonlight" from their upcoming album Distress Signals; LEFTI got the dance party rolling with the body moving jam "Every Time" ft. Spencer Ludwig; TEEN delivered a look at the reflective and meditative Charles Billot visual for "Pretend";

C’mon Tigre provided a look at the mesmerizing Sic Est CGI visual for big time single "Behold the Man" featured off the BDC/K7 album Racines; Sharlet Crooks presented a look at the romantic ups and downs that life deals us with the Jon Meyer visual for "Maybe Love"; Chai delivered the cool and sporty visual for "Choose Go!"; Swimming Bell delivered the evocative, introspective and acoustic strummer "Cold Clear Moon" written by Tomo Nakayama; Utkarsh Ambudkar gave us the slick and street smart "Rundown"; Helenor delivered the excavated expressions of intrigue and exquisite illustrations with "Artifact"; Helenor delivered the excavated expressions of intrigue and exquisite illustrations with "Artifact" and the corresponding visual; the iconic Neneh Cherry delivered the mobile phone-centric visual for "Natural Skin Deep"; Planet Giza delivered the single and Walid Jabri visual of endearing truths with "You Wasn't Lyin'"; Glasgow's The Ninth Wave delivered the horror-fashion visual for "Half Pure"; Wand delivered a listen and look at "Scarecrow" from their new Drag City album Laughing Matter; Barrie delivered the shimmering perfect pop of "Clovers" off the Winspear album Happy To Be Here; MNEK delivered the scandalous visual for "Girlfriend"; Charly Bliss dropped the road-tripping Michelle Zauner (of Japanese Breakfast) visual for "Capacity" off the Barsuk album Young Enough; Rosie Tucker appeared on the scene with the rocking single "Habit"; Chromatics delivered the haunted drive of "Red Car"; Cathedral Bells released the anticipated self-titled EP; Only Yours delivered the passionate pop with the Pirates Blend album Overrun; Emilie Kahn (previously of Emilie & Ogden) shared the elaborate synth spectaculars "Will You?" and "Island" from the Secret City album Outro; Catch Prichard delivered a listen to the slow and rustic burning "You're the Worst"; Carlos Vara illustrated the hedonistic successful keys to achieving more self-esteem with the visual for "Confident"; Cimo Fränkel delivered the complications of life after love on the earnest and emotive "Live Without You"; Cecilia Gault delivered the sensations that stretch beyond the pale of sanity on "Lunatic"; NYC's Patio announced their Fire Talk album Essentials with a listen to the dutiful single "Boy Scout"; Leah Voysey delivered a song about toxins and toxic endeavors on "Poison"; Khotin signed to Ghostly with news of the upcoming Beautiful You album, sharing the mesmerizing and bewildering single "Dwellberry"; Lisa Papineau presented the reflective and gentle Betsy Kenyon video for the evocative and limitless beauty of "Beautiful" off the album Oh Dead On Oh Love; Honeyblood presented the hedonistic video for "The Third Degree" off the album In Plain Sight; morgxn released the vital blue EP; Vesper Wood, Christina Wod of Kaleida, shared the sentimental single "Carson"; Mating Ritual offered a listen to their new big bright single "Falling Back" from the upcoming album Hot Content; Seba Kaapstad delivered the breaths of fresh air with "Breathe"; Joshua Thew shared the intimate and endearing Brandon Mercer visual for the earnest expressions of "Think You're Getting Through"; Made-Up announced the debut self-titled EP for Forged Artifacts with a listen to the gauzy and gaze-y "Who's Mess, Who's Tears"; Little May announced the new album Blame My Body with a listen and look at the single for "Apples";

DoNormaal delivered the AJ SUEDE visual for the TMLO-produced track "Revenge"; introducing Birmingham's Bad Hops who just released the radical rocking Foul Ball 7" via Earth Libraries; Lulu Lewis delivered the eccentric video for "Rock the Deer" from their upcoming album Genuine Psychic; Bryce Vine continues to ride the bombast buzz from the "Drew Barrymore" single and beyond; moonweather delivered the organic and ethereal pop of Overgrown; Cherry Pickles shared the vintage styled visual for the timeless testament to heartbreak "It Will All End in Tears" featured on the debut album Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples available April 5 via PNKSLM Recordings; Kathleen delivered the reflections and statements of thought with "The Longest Year"; Emily Vaughn delivered the brutal and boss visual for "Dead 2 Me"; Ontario's After Funk shared the sweet and soft sentiments of "The Mess We've Become" off the album Santa Barbara; Elizabeth Fagan, oka Lili St Anne shared a listen to the ethereal choral EP Bone Marrow; Cherie and Renno shared the energetic, enigmatic and eccentric single "Let Me In"; Golden Daze released their hotly anticipated second album Simpatico; ADULT. offered a listening to the synth sweet dulcets of "Subsurface"; Venus Furs shared the baroque and beautiful "Chaos and Confusion"; Dear Boy delivered the glamorous Samuel Bayer visual for "Semester"; Good Fuck unveiled the video for the sinewy electric pop aesthetics of "Physics", provided by Tim Kinsella with flip phone footage supplied by David Berman; Porcupine rolled out the performance pop visual for "Lifetime" from Casey David Nelson and Justin Joy off the What You've Heard Isn't Real EP; Dan Rico offered a listen to the amped up new single "Shi"; Wicca Phase Springs Eternal released Suffer On via Run For Cover; Francie Moon shared the shredding jangler New Morning Light; mxmtoon delivered all the feels of "i feel like chet" along with an art pop visual courtesy of H.S. Naji; MINKA delivered the End of the Affair EP; MUNYA delivered the smooth and cool new single "Benjamin"; Ellis delivered the evocative azure moments of reckoning with "Something Blue"; Chromatics delivered the colorful art pop visual for "Time Rider"; Young Clancy presented a look at the beach bound video for the bouncy single "Dead" ft. Chris LaRocca; Glows delivered the danced-up single "Passing Talk"; Radical Face presented a look at the Ben Cooper and Roy Berry visual for the self-betterment exercises of "Hard of Hearing"; Pure Bathing Culture delivered a look at the lyric video for "Devotion" from the upcoming album Night Pass; Viking Moses delivered the introspective and emotive strummer "Kid For the Cattle" from the Epifo Records album Cruel Child; Priests delivered the single "Good Time Charlie"; Freddie Gibbs and Madlib dropped "Flat Tummy Tea"; Vampy Weekend delivered the Emmett Malloy visual for "Harmony Hall"; Teenage Fanclub returned with their new single "Everything is Falling Apart"; Marissa Nadler delivered a listen to the John Cale collabo "Poison"; Treefort Music Fest lineup buzz; the 21 Savage country of origin debacle; and we remember The Monkees' Peter Tork and Amy Winehouse hologram hold-ups.

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