Sarah P.'s Ode to Maenads

Beyond the veil with Sarah P.; photo still from “Lotus Eaters” video courtesy of George Geranios.

Beyond the veil with Sarah P.; photo still from “Lotus Eaters” video courtesy of George Geranios.

Greek artist Sarah P. over the years has carved a unique and original career out of the processes of perpetual reinvention. Like the name of her imprint EraseRestart; acts of inquiries and rebirth can be heard spanning across releases from Free, Who Am I, previous work in the musical outfit Keep Shelly in Athens and across numerous collaborations. Those motifs remain intact as Sarah embarks upon greater mystic territory with the release of Maenads that finds the artist taking inspirational cues from from within and local environments.

Maenads guides the audience through a mythic and poetic world of wonder that springs forth with the opener "Sappho's Leaps", to assuaging the restless wander of pensive nostalgia with the sung whispers and gentle arrangement of "Mneme". The meditative "Lotus Eaters" emerges out of a dream state that paints musical portraits of togetherness that extend beyond the systematic structures of authoritarian contrivances that consume our consciousnesses (as well as our collective unconsciousness as well). The rhythms and expressions become turned up on "Cybele's Dream" that oscillates between personal and universal histories fit for global dance floors before returning the listening audience to Athens, Greece on the title track "Maenads" that serves as both a love letter to Sarah's city, as well as an energetic beacon of joyous things still to follow.

Sarah P. penned the following exclusive poetic think piece on the creation of Maenads:

Ode to Maenads

In times where personal data get weaponized, my Maenads get angry. In times where justice is ruled unfairly so, for the sake of one or two or more egos and textbooks are thrown out of the window — of how we used to do things in democratic societies of the yesteryear — my Maenads are weeping. Surviving beatings, verbal and physical violence, marked names and bells, targets of hatred and criminal actions; my Maenads start plotting revolutions. I ask, who am I and where do I come from? but they don’t — because they know.

Deeply rooted they make me feel. Maenads. I draw power from them and I rise in a grandeur of emotions. My feet start dancing to my heartbeat and I owe it to them. Because I start hearing my body and soul and I stop by more often to check with the people I love. Maenads. A chosen family, connected by defined values and ideals. Symbols of what to me is empowerment, detachment from the social norms and expectations. With them by my side, I strive to become a fully-fledged, top contender for a life without fear, for a life full of possibilities.

My music — their songs. Maenads. Words they put to my mouth to wake up those who have been sleeping on our man-made chaos. Balance has to be restored and it will. Until then, my Maenads will celebrate all that we used to be and what is coming. They say wisdom comes with age and I’m not sure if that is true. Because we see the older generations driving cars and words and countries to destruction. And if they stopped for a moment and listened to our songs, maybe — I say — they’d feel responsible and bail out.

To my Maenads for inspiring me. To the world for hopefully realizing that we can do so much better. When speaking of peaceful coexistence is deemed as something to be fought against…we shall admit we have a problem.