A holiday retrospective from Baseball Gregg

Hanging on the beach with Baseball Gregg’s Sam & Luca; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Hanging on the beach with Baseball Gregg’s Sam & Luca; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Presenting a holiday Gift to you from Italy by way of California's Baseball Gregg is a six song cycle compiled over a period from 2013 through 2018. Created in DIY bedroom studios across overseas distances by Samuel Charles Regan and Luca Lovisetto, the duo's song assortment showcases the warm creative connective bond between the two artists who live 12,000 kilometers across from one another. Inspired by the yuletide season with their signature sentimental style and sound—Samuel and Luca offer something to enjoy with family and friends whilst close to a wood burning fireplace or trusty space heater.

Baseball Gregg deliver the vacation spirit with the sleepy sleigh ride of “Bleach”, to the rambunctious reindeer rock rhythms of “Rebel”, to digital fantasias of wonder and commerce obsessions on "Cyber". The brightness is cranked up on the botanical bounty of "Blurred", to the heart hemmed pensive slow strolling "Fireside", right before leaving the audience with the found-sound/field sound collage of "Elettrodomestici" that resonates with the reminder that music is all around around us and can be heard everywhere (if we choose to open our senses and heart to the rhythms and notes that surround us). Happy holidays from Baseball Gregg.

Sam Regan of Baseball Gregg penned the following reflections on the Gift compilation:

Six years is both a short and a long amount of time. 6 short years ago in December of 2013, Luca and I [Sam] recorded the first song we ever made together. It was included on 2 holiday compilations, one compilation curated by Eli Wengrin in California and one compilation curated by Enzo Barrufaldi in Italy. The song is “Bleach,” and it is the first song on this release. Even before the concept of Baseball Gregg existed, this first song we recorded had dual citizenship, divided between Italy and America. Since then we have continued each year to make a Christmas song for the same compilations, yet rather than collaborating on the songs together in the same bedroom in Bologna we have worked remotely via the internet.

When I listen to these songs all collected together, each song feels like a journal entry, each song brings back a specific memory, each song is my own little ghost of Christmas past. I can place these memories in order and really appreciate how much I have changed as an individual, and I hear this personal growth reflected in the growth of our music. When I look at it this way, 6 years feels like forever. I hope to never stop growing and learning as a human, and I hope to never stop growing as a musician, and in this way, 6 years feels short. It's just the beginning.

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