VIDEO PREMIERE | Eve's Peach, "Waiting on the Sun"

Eve’s Peach from left, Steven, Nikki & Amy; press photo courtesy of the band.

Eve’s Peach from left, Steven, Nikki & Amy; press photo courtesy of the band.

There is certain genuine light the shines amongst the artistic luminaries that dot the enclaves, valleys, countrysides and cities that sit along the western coast. From the business boomers, the technocratic intelligentsia, the builders of infrastructure to enlightened aesthetes of forward thinking arts rises the trio of Nikki, Amy and Steven who comprise the pop group Eve's Peach that paint pictures of intimate and personal portraits that have a universal resonance. The lo-fi minimalism strums through the catalog pages of twee pop ballads with an anxious and earnest heart-clenched anticipation for what tomorrow may bring.

Presenting the grand debut of Eve’s Peach’s “Waiting on the Sun” visual directed by Anders Ericsson, the video adapts the honest and inner reflective poetics into a big production that pushes pop art film fare into an upper echelon of the abstract and the sublime. The video begins with a sunrise morning awakening before we see the group assembling in a park setting. Daydream thought streams become odes to awaiting the possibilities of tomorrow as the trio poses in a grove of detached doors, experiments with impressionable face capturing devices and continues to perform amid the sanctuary of trees and art installation-style setups. Everything about Ericsson's cinematic captures from entertaining the expansive aspects of light exposure to long takes on the group and charged objects adds to a sense of stepping on the threshold of beholding what a new day's solar rising has to present.

Portrait of Nikki from Eve’s Peach; press photo.

Portrait of Nikki from Eve’s Peach; press photo.

Eve’s Peach provided some candid reflections on the new visual and morning in the following series of exclusive thoughts:

Reflections on events and chance meetings that brought about the inception of Eve's Peach.

Amy: In 2016, Nikki and I were living in San Jose but pretty much spent most of our time in Santa Cruz. We knew Steven mostly as a recurring acquaintance through mutual friends, the two of us went to the same high school but our orbits rarely crossed. We’d run into each other at shows/functions, or at our regular bar. The three of us were all in bands respectively and had seen each other play shows over the previous years.

Nikki: One night in the beginning of January we happened to all be at the Redroom and in my excited drunken splendor I suggested we start a band. In the past I’ve been known to come up with schemes and not really follow through, but thankfully Steven got the ball rolling and booked a practice space that very week!

Steven: I seem to remember a buzzed Nikki telling me that she had a dream where I was playing drums for her. After having seen her and Amy's previous music projects how could I NOT follow up on that?

Amy from Eve’s Peach; press photo.

Amy from Eve’s Peach; press photo.

Thoughts on the praxis of song composition and arrangement amongst the trio.

Nikki: I find it easier to come up with guitar and vocal melody when I’m alone. I almost always have to to do it that way. I’ve come to accept that I’m not really a jammer. And sometimes the lyrics don’t come right away, but I’ll have a melody — so I’ll just sing gibberish in practice until it comes to me.

Amy: Nikki will write something up and I’ll ask her to record it on her phone and send it to me. I’ll listen closely to it over and over and write some little riffs and things until I have something I like. Even though we live together, Nikki and I will write separately and then play it together for the first time when we practice with Steven. Then he improvises drums until something clicks!

Steven: They bring songs to me and I play drums to them. I've had a philosophy of trying to keep things fairly simple with my drum parts. I think Nikki's songs speak well enough on their own and I don't need to mess with that too much. Amy is modest about her basslines, and it took some prodding for her to turn her amp up loud enough for me to hear over my drums, but once she did I realized exactly what a cool and stylish bass player she is.

Nikki in the creative blur and whir; press photo

Nikki in the creative blur and whir; press photo

Thoughts on the collaboration with Anders Ericsson for the "Waiting on the Sun” visual.

Nikki: We would run into Anders at shows periodically and he expressed interest in recording us. We recorded our EP with Anders and Carlo in 2017. I remember having this distinct feeling of relief working with Anders. Recording in the past with previous projects, with vocals especially, I always felt tons of anxiety. Anders has this open approach and he can suggest something and it feels like he just pulled it straight out of my head. When he told us about his idea for the video for “Waiting on the Sun”, it just felt so spot on to ideas I’ve had or a feeling I’ve tried to express and at the same time he was totally open to being spontaneous or changing something up.

Amy of Eve’s Peach; press photo.

Amy of Eve’s Peach; press photo.

Amy: We asked him to record us again for Climbing Bittersweet and I remember he loved “Waiting on the Sun”. He told us he had some ideas about a music video for it and we just said yes, yes, yes to everything. We showed up to the shoot in October and I remember feeling this total awe being in the presence of all these amazing artists who were there to support Anders’ project. The professionalism balanced with fun and the strong conceptual vision — all things that really speak to what Anders is about, I think. Anders is also effortlessly cool.

Steven: I've known Anders for more than half my life and I've worked with him on many different projects. I've been repeatedly impressed by his work as a musician, photographer and filmmaker, so when he offered to put together a music video for us, my response was of course. At the time I had no idea what exactly that meant, but when shooting day came around I was once again impressed. He put together a REAL film production with a full crew of film industry people, well-thought-out set designs and lots of equipment that I was too afraid to touch. All for little old us!? It was an exhausting weekend, but very worth it.

Singing in the center console with Nikki from Eve’s Peach; photo still courtesy of Anders Ericsson.

Singing in the center console with Nikki from Eve’s Peach; photo still courtesy of Anders Ericsson.

Future forecasts for Eve's Peach.

Amy: I feel like we are pretty go with the flow right now, writing songs here and there, playing shows that pop up, we have hopes to play more shows for friends in far away cities. Go back to the Pacific Northwest, down to LA, the desert. We don’t have an ethos but if we did it would just be fun. We started Eve’s Peach because it’s fun to play music together. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Steven: I just want to keep playing music with my friends.

Listen to more from Eve’s Peach via Bandcamp.

Amy and bass; press photo.

Amy and bass; press photo.

“Waiting On the Sun” Credits:

Director: Anders Ericsson


Director of Photography: Joshua Pausanos

First AD: JayKRaja

Second AD/PA: Jacob Ohlhausen

First AC: Jonathan Salazar

Second AC: Garet Jatsek

Best Electric: Aleksandra Seiger

Best Grip: Michael Beltran

Electric: Raghav Ravichandran

Grip: Jessica Schlegel

Design Consult: Amanda Beane

Art Director: Sarah Alix

Makeup/Wardrobe: Tamika Cox

Art: Emma Scully A

Art: Justin Lee Art: Lev Kuleschov

VFX Consult: Roth Rind

Motion Graphics: Thai Ngo

Color: Brent Kirsten

Titles: Dani Saputo