VIDEO PREMIERE | Matt Bachmann, "To Be in Love"

Parking lot dances with the one and only Matt Bachmann; video photo still courtesy of Adam Gundersheimer and Vanessa Haddad.

Parking lot dances with the one and only Matt Bachmann; video photo still courtesy of Adam Gundersheimer and Vanessa Haddad.

Known from work in Mega Bog and Big Eater — the one and only Matt Bachmann delivers the world debut of the "To Be in Love" video courtesy of Slopehouse Production's Adam Gundersheimer, Vanessa Haddad, Elena Balara and Alex Hartley. Much like the oeuvre of Bachmann’s work; “To Be in Love” strikes at those closely guarded places of the heart and spirit where intimate expressions are expressed in earnest and sublime manners. It’s a song that beautifully wraps together the entire range of joy, melancholy, hopefulness, heart-break and that abandon of helplessness that goes hand in hand with being in the throes of the inertia of amour (that is something greater than you, the other person and perhaps something greater than the bond itself).

A song inspired by a friend's trials and tribulations of the heart; Matt Bachmann is seen throughout the video dancing into a frenzy where the world becomes a ballroom of solitude. Found off the album Unconditional Love, exhibitions of uncontrollable and ineffable affection and emotion are displayed through motions of catharsis. From the confines of Bachmann's bedroom, outside in the yard, a parking lot to the blue hue saturations of the seashore; Matt relays the entire gamut of feelings and euphoria associated with falling head over heels for a special someone. Inspired moves illustrate the highs and lows of a relationship, portraying the roller-coaster of utter elation to grappling with being deep in the grips of soul shredding heartache. Bachmann's ballad and interpretive foot (and full body) work imitates the life-altering experience of opening up yourself to another person and what wonders and lessons that level of vulnerability brings. The art of disarming one's defenses to let love into their lives brings about a whirlwind rife with everything from events of both hurt and happiness in ways that are difficult to conventionally convey through simple expressions and gestures alone.

Matt Bachmann shared some thoughts on the inception of the the single and visual for “To Be In Love”:

"To Be in Love," is inspired by a friend who spent his summer nights heart broken, doing laps around Prospect Park on his bike until he was exhausted and could finally fall asleep. It hadn't previously occurred to me, but the video captures that energy — a solitary person (me) dancing to exhaustion. I'm so grateful to Adam and Vanessa for pushing me to make this video. When I see it, I see apart of myself that I didn't know was there.

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