VIDEO PREMIERE | Memory Keepers, "Faint Ink"

Live with Amarah Ulghani & Jared Paul Boulanger of Memory Keepers; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Live with Amarah Ulghani & Jared Paul Boulanger of Memory Keepers; press photo courtesy of the artists.

You already may be familiar with Jared Paul Boulanger and Amarah Ulghani’s work from Austin, TX's cult group The Sour Notes but may be less familiar with their electronic alter egos as Memory Keepers. Celebrating the release of their new 7", the duo unveils the world premiere of the fuzzy lyric video for the A-side "Faint Ink". A sensory dazzling mixed-media light show projection courtesy of Astral Violet — aka Sydney Quezada; what you are about to witness is the ultimate Memory Keepers experience. Quezada’s visual matches the electrically charged energy of the track where the audience is practically taken inside the television tube to a world flashing letters, vibrant colors, animation and an endless array of lights.

Memory Keepers’ “Faint Ink” is given the ultra-illuminated treatment of shining incandescence. Sydney Quezada fires the lyrical titles at the viewer/listener as quick as Memory Keepers pitch them through the vocoded effect treatments. The words blend into the televised VHS standard play stew where abstract images of eyes, flowers, leaves and more are blanketed in layers of heavily distorted static. The "Faint Ink" visual serves as the perfect introduction to the world of Memory Keepers for the uninitiated and fans alike. The VCR vernacular is a compliment to Amarah and Jared's ever expanding sound that takes on the titans, institutions, pop pantheons and pillars of electronically inspired styles past and present — adding to the pages and anecdotes of history with a chapter of their own design. Quezada's video brilliantly accentuates that attitude and altitude of the MK brand that studiously surveys the infinite wonder that exists within the console humming buzz of sound that the two tailor and sharpen into new channels and avenues that bloom and blare with a neon luster.

Jared Paul Boulanger shared the following insights on the creation of the visual for “Faint Ink”:

Astral Violet is the moniker of analog mixed media visual artist Sydney Quezada. They’ve worked with artists like MBV, Roky Erickson, King Gizzard & more. Astral Violet’s stunning visual projections found them on some of the best bills in town (Austin, TX) as soon as they moved here, which is how we came to meet them. After they projected their light show on us at a few Memory Keepers gigs, we thought their trippy, visual experience would be the perfect backdrop to our new lyric video “Faint Ink”. It feels good to be completely absorbed in their light, while performing on stage...I could honestly watch their visuals for hours, sync’d to many types of music and be totally lost in space.

Memory Keepers’ Faint Ink 7” is available now.

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