Introducing San Diego’s new dream warriors EST; photographed by Matthew Kelly.

Introducing San Diego’s new dream warriors EST; photographed by Matthew Kelly.

San Diego’s EST (aka Electronic Social Transformation ) have recently emerged on the DIY pop landscape wielding ethereal styles that speak to higher levels of consciousness. Presenting the self-made/home spun visual for “Every Girl”; EST illustrates home movies of matriarchal memories that blend into jubilant ceremonies. EST expounds upon the old pop adage of "Teach Your Children Well" to a more inclusive edification that praises the omnipotent power of the mother/daughter/auntie/abuela figure in the family structure. EST's sounds and visions create trajectories of warmth and love where women are exalted as figureheads that run the world, make the big decisions, govern businesses and households, guide the tenets of public policy, create art, exhibit active political statements, create cutting edge edge art and take the conversation to the next level.

The song and visual for EST's "Every Girl" takes the "I'm Every Woman" sentiment and spirit to the next level. The vintage imagery sourced from family film reels and dusty tapes showcases vast arid landscapes, classic cars, poolside poses, holiday get-togethers, and fashions fresh out of the golden era of the mid-twentieth century. The San Diego trio edits overlays of home videos to show intimate moments shared between mothers and fathers with their children that dovetail into traditional spiritual rituals that is juxtaposed into serene seaside escapes. Urgent spoken word sound bytes ring out over the hypnagogic mix that is executed with a landline phone fidelity cadence, blending the view into the past with a message for the present to make way for a new matriarchal, non-binary world order. EST establishes their standard of feminism with a sensibility that evokes the essences of throwback imprint institutions from classic 4AD, Creation Records, Sarah Records, Cherry Red, One Little Indian, vintage Flying Nun, retro Rough Trade and countless more. EST fuses together their fascinations with the musical and visual fabrics of yesterday, today and tomorrow to convey the timeless message of the ubiquitous femme immortal.

EST penned the following reflections on the new single “Every Girl” and the accompanying video:

“Every Girl” as a song speaks to the perpetuated social climate that has affected women as far back as history cares to tell. As a video it covers a range of similar allusions through cinematic exposure. The feminist and women’s movements that strive for equality are echoes of a similar voice, a voice of reason and maturity. A strong and nurturing balance to the toxic masculinity and gender oppression that creates an uneven perception of value and self-worth. This video was constructed from found family footage and was directed in-house. Its fever dream narrative hints at the mystery of a family secret shrouded in machismo culture, but balanced by the eternal love and compassion women have for their children, all while being juxtaposed by a religious festival worshiping a sacred virgin. “Every Girl” is EST’s grunge gaze feminist power ballad for the new age of educating your friends and parents about being woke for women’s rights into the 2020s.

EST’s upcoming EP The Everies will be available soon.

Catch the San Diego band live on the following dates:

May 8 San Diego, CA @ Space Bar with Leggy, Battery Point (Sodabar presents)

May 13 Los Angeles at Zebulon with Omni (Subpop)

May 20 San Diego, CA @ Casbah with Hexa, John Eroll, DJ Jon Blaj 

May 24 Portland, OR @ Love Craft with Lorna Dune (Lo-Fi Landscapes)

May 24 Seattle, WA @ Victory Lounge with Lorna Dune (Lo-Fi Landscapes)