Premiere | Crown Plaza, "This Year Should Be a Movie"

Over the course of these fleeting years, Crown Plaza has been a force of introspection, artfully observing the shifting sands of time met with the tides of change. What began as solo recordings made in offices of transportation by Nima Kazerouni (of So Many Wizards and countless other groups) grew to include a rotating cast of creative colleagues and friends that further enriched sessions and cycles of sincere songs about soul-searching the depths of life's uncertainty. Presenting now the world premiere for the single "This Year Should Be a Movie" featured off the upcoming debut album from Lolipop Records—Nima and company make the most ethereal entry into the Crown Plaza catalog yet.

"This Year..." rides a wave of woe with a cinematic air that allows every guitar tone note to shine gracefully with enough space and room in an obsessively evocative arrangement. Nima curates this thoughtful space as an inner-house of emotive reckoning, working to make sense of current day realities, states of the union and personal revelations and tribulations that affectionately swirl in a sound pool of calm anxiety. The song captures our shared connective existence of confusions and struggles in the imperfect tense, where the chorus reveals thoughtful reiterations of; I thought it was getting better, it was only in my mind, while trying to connect to all the beauty that still remains around us (and within us) in the universe(s).

The resulting frustrations and moods of dismay are channeled into grandiose gestures where the guitar-work is orchestrated as a theme deserving to be incorporated into the soundtrack of the latest blockbuster hit, with its amplified heroics and earnest feeling fitted to fill the acoustic spaces of Carnegie Hall. "This Year Could Be a Movie" puts the panic-inducing news of the world on pause (or at least dims the volume of the claptrap-clamor for a moment) while digesting the chaos, inequity and incompletion both externally—and from within.  

Nima Kazerouni presented the following generous insights on the evolution of Crown Plaza: 

Thoughts on how your own processes and perceptions with the project have developed over the years.

I always hold near and dear to self-recording bedroom pop but this project has evolved from the bedroom into the studio. This coming debut album was recorded at the Fortress in LA as well as at my dear friend Scott Barber’s studio in Echo Park. Much larger sound.

Thoughts on the events and feelings that informed the new single "This Year Should Be a Movie”.

This song has existed in prior form but we have brought it back to do it proper justice. Every year gets a little crazier, so this song seemed most appropriate and relevant to this particular current year.

Further reflections on the relationship between our reality and the allure of the silver screen.

While films tend to glorify and dramatize most things, I feel strongly that this reality is just a dream within a dream. Very similar to being lost in a good movie. Observing your reality in such a way without being too hard on your self is they key to living the good life.

Ways in which we can make our world better, more inclusive, caring and loving in the face of rising tides of negativity and callousness.

Similar to what I said above, we’re all just here for such a short time. We should constantly remind ourselves of this truth and just be nice to each other. We’re all made up of energy after all and everything we do and think contributes to our surrounding reality.

Thoughts on the processes in progress for Crown Plaza, So Many Wizards and more...

Lots of great music is completely finished and mastered and lots are in the process of being recorded. I am very grateful and excited to share.

Mantras that have guided your path lately, along with mentors and artists that you want to recognize.


Summer dreams and hopes.

Hope to write the ultimate summer anthem while soaking up all the Sun, Salt and Sand. I live 400 feet from the water now. Everyone is in invited over. Find me through the channels.

Catch Crown Plaza at LA's The Hi-Hat June 8 for the single release with Crystales and Ruby Haunt.

artwork by  Christina R.

artwork by Christina R.