PREMIERE | Two Meters, 'The Blue Jay' EP

The candid crafts of Two Meters’ own Tyler Costolo; press photo courtesy of the artist/Very Jazzed.

The candid crafts of Two Meters’ own Tyler Costolo; press photo courtesy of the artist/Very Jazzed.

Following up last year’s debut self-titled EP; Tyler Costolo, aka Two Meters, presents a first listen to the The Blue Jay EP courtesy of Very Jazzed. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida artist experiments with the gamut of lo to hi fidelity frequencies to create a personal song cycle set for the solstice transitions as our spring shows some semblance of the summer that sits sweetly on the horizon.

The Blue Jay EP begins with the electric foyer entrance of "The Morning Train" that is like a pensive soundtrack to accompany any otherwise humdrum AM commute. "Pools" is delivered with the catharsis of an emotional journal entry, while "Ground" musically moves upward to a higher plane of dry land that tackles items of personification with the recitations of I am the bird, alone on the ground... The EP goes out with a blistering bang on the penultimate scuzz kicking "Intro To An Attack" that leaves the audience with the dust clearing curtain call of "In the Wake”; a postlude of finding safety and solace that is a duet with Tyler’s significant other Margo Dellaquila that is wrapped up in comfort and care.

Tyler of Two Meters reflected on the experiences that informed The Blue Jay EP:

The album was written and recorded in the late summer and early fall of 2018. All songs were recorded in my home in south Florida. I mostly used a Mexican Telecaster, a Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster and various pedals to create the instrumental sounds. After finishing all the tracks, I sent them over to Yuuki Matthews to be mixed and then to Warren Hildebrand to be mastered. They both did an amazing job.

The songs were written and recorded during a time in my life where I was feeling especially directionless, worthless, and struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I feel like being as honest as possible with my music helps and that hopefully it can be relatable for the people who need it. The lyrical songs reflect that in their content and the instrumentals are meant to convey those feelings without words. I was happy to be able to end the album with a more hopeful song which includes vocals from my girlfriend.

Two Meters’ The Blue Jay EP is available via Very Jazzed.