Premiere | Pangelica, "Saturn Returns (Monsters In Your Bed)"

From Baltimore's power clique collective GRL PWR rises a powerful archangel entity known as Pangelica. The producer/renowned violist descends upon the Bmore rooftops from the galaxy with wings in full span, offering the gift of the debut album Saturn Returns available August 9 through Devine Records. A conceptual record created around a cosmic coming of age tale, Pangelica takes the audience by the hand through the electrically charged dimensions of their mind that paints an experiential perspective of planet earth through the eyes of a Saturnian being.

In collaboration with Chicago artist Angel Marcloid (of Fire-Toolz) on the illustrious production ones and twos—Pangelica presents the world premiere for the title number "Saturn Returns (Monsters In Your Bed)" that bridges the flash-points of familiar/foreign entanglements and accompaniment. The electro-emotive motifs of future space flight voyages can be heard careening into the LED-lit asphalt and intimate worlds that we know. The flashing synth strobes of the new single signals the perpendicular places where the extra-terrestrial protagonist collides into earth's array of monsters, doves, hawks, demons, dilettantes and débutantes.

Earthly beasts and celestial entities become intricately intertwined in Pangelica's "Saturn Returns (Monsters In Your Bed)". In an elaborate cyberpunk styled new romantic hyper-ballad; Pangelica presents a portrait of discovering a connection that exists outside the realms of conventional coupling. The conflicts of desires and inexplicable throes of yearning in absentia are expressed like a lyrical love letter penned to an alien's own earthling lover. Exhibiting the urges and complications in styles that are both sensuous and spaced-out—Pangelica takes the trials and tribulations of earthbound-bonds to transcendent heights through the character's own expressive dramatis personae (with an assist from Marcloid's diamond glimmering production). Here the antinomies of breaking up and making up are understood on "Monsters" in ways that do not conform to the norms of being, personality, gender, let alone planet of origin (and destination).

Rooftop views via Pangelica; press photo courtesy of Audrey Gatewood.

Rooftop views via Pangelica; press photo courtesy of Audrey Gatewood.

We had the chance to get to know the rising Baltimore icon Pangelica via the following interview session:

Describe the origin story of how Pangelica was formed.

Pangelica was formed out of necessity. My first project ever was a sleazy pop band called Spider to the Fly. When we broke up I felt empty because my identity, my self worth, and my voice are all wrapped up in my music. So it was imperative for me to keep it moving and develop a solo project. Pangelica is not an overnight revelation. I have been laboring for five-plus years in basements, warehouses, clubs, galleries and museums to craft my vision of the ultimate pop goddess. My goal as Pangelica is not perfection, its evolution.

Insights into how your work in the creative collective GRL PWR has further informed the world of Pangelica.

Working with a creative collective that gives a platform solely to womxn, gender non-binary, poc and queer folk has definitely influenced my songwriting. I find myself shifting to write lyrics from a more gender fluid place which I had never really considered before.

Thoughts on the process and praxis involved with creating the album Saturn Returns for Devine Records.

Creating this album with Devine Records has to be the highlight of my year. My basement became this radioactive lair of experiments where I'd write, most of the time in darkness. Then I'd walk a few blocks up to Jacob Seaton's house and he would stabilize each experiment until they sounded like pop songs. It was a pleasure working with him, he is so attentive and nurturing.

Cover art for Pangelica's debut album  Saturn Returns ; photographed by Audrey Gatewood.

Cover art for Pangelica's debut album Saturn Returns; photographed by Audrey Gatewood.

The fears, challenges and triumphs that inspired the anthem "Monsters in Your Bed".

"Monsters in Your Bed" is about the insanity and chaos caused by the act of seeking love. I had so many fears and insecurities when I was searching for love outside of myself. Then I realized that I am my best lover. This song chronicles that shift in consciousness.

Notes on the local Baltimore scene.

The local scene in Baltimore is much like its geography—its kind of small but if you make a random, unplanned turn you will find yourself in a world you never knew existed. The city is rich with love and hidden talent. If you ever want to find out what the kids are up to just read the flyers flaking off of buildings and lamp posts.

The universe of Pangelica; press photo courtesy of Audrey Gatewood.

The universe of Pangelica; press photo courtesy of Audrey Gatewood.

Artists and activists that you respect and want the world to recognize.

Some artists that I can't get enough of right now are Nina Bonina Brown, Claropsyche, and Pat McGrath. These are all makeup artists, I am obsessed.

I respect the important work of Baltimore Trans Alliance, they uplift the voices of transgender and gender nonconforming people in Baltimore through advocacy and education.

Hopes and hymns for the future of Bmore culture.

I hope that people choose to invest in the working musicians of Baltimore. Invest in my people—the DJs, the bands, the entertainers. We preserve the cultural artifacts and legacy of this city.  I'm not just talking to the institutions who barely acknowledge us but I'm also talking to the people who come to our shows and scoff at paying a $5 cover to support the DJs, bands, & venues. Invest in Baltimore musicians now!

Parting words of wisdom and advice.

You are born with everything you need.

Catch the Pangelica release show for Saturn Returns August 9 in Baltimore at Trip's with appearances from Blaqstarr and Kemet Dank. Pangelica will be touring Amy Reid from August 19-25 featuring dates in Pittsburgh, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Saturn Returns arrives August 9 via Devine Records.