PREMIERE | Mr. Husband, "Punk Rock Hairdo"

Mr. Husband living his best life; photographed by Kayleigh Montgomery.

Mr. Husband living his best life; photographed by Kayleigh Montgomery.

Rejoice dad rock and classic/timeless pop fans alike, as Baltimore’s own denizen of everything anachronistic and amazing Mr Husband is back with news of the new album Kenny Husband & The Husky Section arriving May 3 via Yellow K Records. Presenting the world premiere of the music box beauty of “Punk Rock Hairdo”; the emotional aspects that arrive with the pangs of nostalgia are paid tribute with a track that reaches out like an over-the-hill late 70s punk star shaking the hands of adorning die hard fans in the front row (during a reunion/comeback tour). This is for all the fathers and grandfathers out there that are having a moment of reflection, thinking about their glory days, reminiscing about those halcyon yesteryears of decadence, rewinding the thought streams about those decades of status quo defiance while confronting moments of personal truths. It’s an anthem for those anarchists that are holding on to their punk cred as the sands of time slip away while the memories of city lit scenes blur into the present of suburban strip malls and their corresponding vacant asphalt parking lots illuminated by lonely generic utility poles. This the “Losing My Edge” anthem for 2019; a track penned for all those hopeless and hopeful wanderers holding on tight to their vintage mp3 players in the age of mechanical smart phone reproduction.

“Punk Rock Hairdo” is Mr. Husband’s testament to the aging anti-establishment sects of clenched fist believers. Kenny orchestrates a day in the life vignette depicting a day in the life of a punk rocker who is having that come to Jesus realization of mortality with all the proverbial feels. The song plays out like streams of thoughts experienced like a prolonged and deep staring mirror glance interlude. “Hairdo” is arranged in a sentimental and melancholic sequence that illustrates the inner emotive mental world of worry, wonder, apprehension, anguish, upset and other items that plague the consciousness beneath the scalp and surface of a head with an overgrown mohawk. The track rocks in the tradition of hangover odysseys like playing the Velvets’ “Sunday Morning” while nursing a cup of preground medium roast brewed in a Mr. Coffee while greeting a new day of work, dropping and picking up the kids from school and extracurricular itineraries that require mandatory attention and follow-through. This is where restless and rebellious dreams are met with the sobering reality of responsibility and the inertia of life, love and expectations.

Kenny Husband delivered the following introduction to the new single and more:

Making of Punk Rock Hairdo:

“Punk Rock Hairdo” is traditional American cuisine with a quick and easy recipe that even the busiest husky bois will have time to prepare. Follow these simple steps for an indie-rawkin’ snack that will make your friends and family say begrudgingly, “Huh...that’s actually pretty good”

- 1 part funny

- 2 parts sad

- 1 pack of Marlboro lights

- ½ cup warm Mt. Dew that has been sitting in your truck since last week

- ¾ cheap nylon string guitar

- 3 tbsp. art rock (Wilco brand is best for consistency)

- mix in large bowl until you are bored/anxious

- pour into cake pan greased with Old Spice “Champion” scent deodorant (clear, not white antiperspirant you freakin’ savage)

-Bake at 420 degrees for 10-15 years or as long as it takes to laugh at your failures

In all seriousness: This song is about growing up and changing and feeling a little confused about your next move. Your hairdo is a projection of self to the rest of the world and changing your hairdo expresses your internal changes outwardly. Also, I really like saying and singing the word “Hairdo”.

Mr. Husband’s Kenny Husband & The Husky Section will be available May 3 via Yellow K Records.