PREMIERE | FALA, "It All Ends Well"

Dove Ayinde and FALA; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Dove Ayinde and FALA; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Los Angeles group FALA shares a song of hope for us and our world. Presenting the world debut for “It All Ends Well” ⁠— written by vocalist Dove Ayinde ⁠— reminds us that through some of the most tumultuous endeavors and undertakings in our lives that it does indeed get better and brighter. Delivered in a way to chase away all fears, extinguish all traces of anxiety and squash all semblances of sadness; FALA’s latest single gently rocks the listener into a lull with the kind of comforting, maternal embrace like the earliest latent recollections of security found deeply embedded and swaddled in the recesses of our primary developmental states of cognition.

Dove Ayinde along with the talents of Patryk Mrozek, Aaron Olson, Jonah Olson with engineering and mixing assists from Travis Brown and Shags Chamberlain combine forces to create a moving waltz that wanders into the untold wonders of happiness unknown. “It All Ends Well” is a bon voyage affair that waves au revoir respectfully to the past that alludes to an illustrious and beautiful present (with the thrill and excitement of perchance an even grander and more gorgeous tomorrow). FALA focuses on the chronicles in the chapters that are ahead as life goes on, where the burdens of what once was (or what wasn’t meant to be) are cast off in a release toward something greater than you have ever known. “It All Ends Well” revels in the re-routing of what we thought was part of the trappings and folly of fate and destiny toward something more elaborate, incredible and astonishing that exists outside the bounds of comprehension.

F A L A provided the following exclusive reflections about the new single:

The recording of “It All Ends Well” happened at a threshold moment in our lives. It was around that time that Patryk and Emily, the founders and main songwriters of the band, decided to go their separate ways. Amid the turmoil, new members of the band came to the fore: lead guitarist Dove Ayinde wrote the song’s lyrics and sang, while keyboard player Jonah Olson improvised the drum beat that became the backbone of the song. Motivated by his bandmates’ initiative, Patryk stepped in to complete the single with the help of Aaron Olson (piano) and Shags Chamberlain, who mixed the track.

Singer/lyricist Dove Ayinde shared the following thoughts:

The song is about reflections of the past, and life’s impermanence. The feeling of new beginnings that occur through loss.

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