Premiere | Lulu Lewis, "Intelligent Life"

The legendary NYC duo Lulu Lewis

Never mind the hype; the rock & roll revolution is far from over. NYC's own beloved DIY stalwarts Lulu Lewis remain committed to cultivating worlds of creative sounds and visions, delivering today the world premiere for the single "Intelligent Life". The creative duo of Dylan Hundley and Pablo Martin lampoon society's self-absorbed obsessions with being the center of the universe, solar systems, galaxies, cultures, scenes, etcetera, with an anthem that jettisons humankind's hubris and narcissism in a bonfire of fickle vanities. Adopting a decidedly catchy post-punk aesthetic with a sci-fi style that edges on something that is out of this world (or possibly not of this world altogether)—Dylan and Pablo have effectively gifted the world an ode to universal enlightenment that is the best damn single that The B-52's never themselves made.

"Intelligent Life" finds Lulu Lewis laughing at society's short-sighted concepts that frame our pale blue dot as the fallible, so-called centrum of the greater cosmic picture. The song's developmental narrative is true to the Hundley and Martin story song arc brand where the duo allow their expansive imagination and intellects to paint landscapes of the futuristic, the quixotic, the curious with cyber-galactic gleanings of dystopian models and nuance elaborations ripped from contemporary cultural constructs and group-think notions. The new single places our entire physical earth science systems under the microscope where the third planet from the sun is observed according to its scientific overview. Delivered like a space-wave dissertative survey of Earth from an extra-terrestrial perspective; Lulu Lewis' "Intelligent Life" delivers a tongue-in-cheek (with a pointed hyper-awareness) assessment of our world's collective folly that falls square on the nose of today's geopolitical arrogance and bumptious trends. As Dylan and Pablo bemoan the regressive and lack of universal awareness observed, as the rhythmic whirling synth engines see Lulu Lewis taking flight/refuge for another planetary society of potentially awakened and enlightened signs of progressive, collective consciousnesses.

Lulu Lewis' own Pablo Martin shared the following exclusive think-piece about the new single:

"Intelligent Life" Manifesto: 

"Humans are ‘Probably the Only Intelligent in the Universe” reads the title of an article published on THE WEEK, a crummy internet publication designed to provide internet content humans can post in social media with the purpose of providing them with enough likes to trigger a dopamine high in their brains.
By definition, dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers. It also helps regulate movement and emotional responses and, it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them.
And that alone says a lot about the only supposed intelligent life in the universe. The only species who has defined humans as intelligent are actually, humans. None of the other species around have. They're either scared of us or, they ignore us completely. But so far, none of them have come forward to praise how smart we are.
In fact every single species on this planet seems to think they are the rulers and only on the occasions that they come across each other, they try to prove their supreme status in the world by who’s bigger, stronger or has bigger fangs.
If we project this concept into the universe, where we have been un-successfully looking for other intelligent forms of life since forever and consider—what if such extra terrestrial intelligent forms of life we’re looking for, simply do not consider us intelligent at all? Why are humans so sure that they would be the recipients of such accolades? And what, if whoever is out, there doesn't see us as a form of life at all?
So this is the hypothesis Lulu Lewis is laying down here in the form of a song, There is no life on Earth, no intelligent life on earth, and we’re carrying on in this life with the seemingly sole purpose to trig some dopamine highs in the human brain including the social media induced ones.
Pablo Martin
Lulu Lewis
July 16 2018
New York City
Cover art for Lulu Lewis' single "Intelligent Life"; courtesy of the band.

Cover art for Lulu Lewis' single "Intelligent Life"; courtesy of the band.

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