PREMIERE | El Lago, "Endless"

El Lago’s pyramid shapes of things to come; courtesy of photographed by Brandon Walker.

El Lago’s pyramid shapes of things to come; courtesy of photographed by Brandon Walker.

Sometimes there’s a band that is able to create a song that is made without defining the alpha and omega point coordinates on a song’s own unique universe and code. Introducing Houston by way of Galveston group El Lago that has made a sky and surf-sweeping single intended to be played on repeat with the debut of “Endless”. From their forthcoming album Pyramid for local independent imprint Wallflower Records; El Lago follows up their debut album Colors by elaborating on their sound by tricking out the mix to showcase illustrious wonders sequenced on various frequencies and guitar rhythms that ride feverishly high on ultra-loaded RPMs.

"Endless" is made up of an aesthetic that is composed without a station indicating a beginning or finite section of closure. The Houston band starts the song with the swing of a momentum already in progress in an arrangement that follows some unique progressions and rhythm sequences that practically pick up out of nowhere. The vocals, keyboard chimes and storm-sorcery guitars all stir into the vortex of "Endless" that funnels like a whirling cyclone of sound manufactured in a wind tunnel (and unleashed like a towering sonic giant out into the wild of the world). El Lago conjures up the kind of pop song outing that you cannot easily relate in easy semantics but rather relay through experiential symbols and metaphors that approximate the journey weathered according to the beholder of said endeavors. This is for the adventurous voyager who seeks the type of media that exists without no real beginning or end but rather abides by its own physics, atmospherics and environments that are described or recalled vaguely as if ripped from a deep night’s sojourn into the unconscious.

El Lago provided an introductory preface about the making of Pyramid and the incredible lead single "Endless":

"Pyramid” revolves around bondage and the push to be free. There is a directness to the songs that benefits from Steve Christensen’s move from SugarHill Recording Studios (where debut album Colors was made in 2017) to a larger space in Downtown Houston—perfect for a live approach to tracking. Lauren Eddy’s vocals were tracked consecutively in a single session, as were additional synths by producer Austin Sepulvado. Apart from outlier “Moths” (a last minute addition based on a tape demo), the songs are untethered from a click track. The push and pull builds tension and allows the songs to be dynamic and supple, exploring new reaches of the band’s range.

El Lago’s Pyramid will be available October 25 via Wallflower Records.