PREMIERE | Tadzio, "Defiance"

Ross Lipton (from left) & Shaina Kapeluck of Tadzio. ( photographed by Dave Klinger )

Ross Lipton (from left) & Shaina Kapeluck of Tadzio. (photographed by Dave Klinger)

Between the avenues of aesthetics and civics that connects D.C. to Philly exists a creative connection between pianist/composer Ross Lipton and vocalist Shaina Kapeluck. Accompanied by a rotating cast of luminaries from groups like Br'er, Hallowed Bells, Luna Honey and more; Tadzio follows up last year's The Complaint with the meditative masterpiece of introspection, empathy and more centered around intimate expressions with the new album The Sick Room.

Tadzio debut a first listen to “Defiance”, a song that from the onset weathers the turbulent sea chop like a dignified ship bow figurehead. Shaina and Ross create an organic ambient piece with baroque affinities that are grounded with a holistic folk-like sense of wonder, edges of fear, hesitation and transcendence. Elements of acoustic and electronic components flutter, glow and tremble in the arrangement as Kapeluck sings a song of rising up against adversarial forces in a post modern pop opera. Existential battles between earthly hardships and grappling with the subject and construct of a supernatural deity are sung in an odyssey that unfolds in true cinema for the ear fashion. Sections of the song go from exhibitions of grievance and misgivings to movements enshrouded in storm cloud arrangements that illustrate unfathomable depths of danger, fear and the abyss drop sensation of uncertainty. Shaina and Ross steer the progression toward moments of respite where listeners are brought to a clearing where expansive, majestic environments of lush valleys and mountains are recalled amid reflections of personal and external confrontations. The result is something moving that occurs in the most unexpected and conscious-opening manners.

We talked to Shaina Kapeluck and Ross Lipton of Tadzio about the processes behind the making of The Sick Room, the new single “Defiance” and an exploration of the following thought prompts:

Progressions at work from The Complaint to the creation of The Sick Room.

Meditations on inspirations of infirmaries to how thoughts of mortality affected the aesthetics of the record.

Notes on collaborative synergy between all involved in Tadzio.

Discoveries made along the way in recording the new record.

The defiant instincts and inspirations that informed "Defiance".

The artists and activists that are currently sparking joy and calls to arms for you all.

Hopes and mantras for a better future.

Tadzio’s The Sick Room will be available April 23 via BLIGHT. Records.