The stars, the moon and the maudlin melodies of Madeline Mars

Introducing Madeline Mars, aka Madeline Meyers; photographed by Brandon Allen .

Introducing Madeline Mars, aka Madeline Meyers; photographed by Brandon Allen .

San Francisco based artist Madeline Mars, aka Madeline Meyers, just emerged on the scene with a four track EP that takes the conventions of chamber pop outward in reaches toward the psychic and sentimental dimensions. With production provided by Baseball Gregg’s Samuel Charles Regan, Mars transcends the constructs of time, place and space with an economic song cycle that seeks understanding through dreamlike expressions operating on high levels of intuition.

The debut Madeline Mars self-titled EP opens with the reckoning of "Socio" that rises like a late morning awakening. The place where drifting dreams float gingerly, held over from the night's restless sleep, meet the conscious mind's cataloging that takes inventory of fears, the intricacy of mercurial feelings and all the pangs of incompleteness that comprise the human condition. This motif carries through on the melancholy moods of "Sick" that plays out like a day spent confined to one's room while meditating on the headaches and pains of the surrounding world. The catchy and subdued power pop of "Wine Goth" sings serenely in streams of thoughts that hinge on the connotations and notes of taste and how they connect to a plethora of feelings that sweep the listener past the threshold of twilight and into the veil of night. The EP concludes with "Haunts" that flickers with the warm and wintry cadence of field sounds that resembles both droplets of rain or the crackle and glow of a fireplace. Madeline recounts the places of memory, sanctuary and safety that are recalled in a ghostly reminiscence about places of familiarity and the connections to them that extend beyond the physical realms of environments that edge into the supernatural.

Madeline Meyers penned the following exclusive preface to the dawning of Madeline Mars:

Madeline Mars is a dream. A dream that I’ve been cast into for a while and have finally brought out of an immateriality and into actuality. It’s a culmination of emotion, of tenderness and affliction and of love and hurting and the pain that was so powerful it became tangible—it became these songs. Each track is a dream I’ve tried to find myself within or out of. When you’re not yourself, or not feeling whole because of how you’ve perceived it for so long. It’s a look into my heart, into the dark and light and everything in between. If there’s any hope to be found in between the lines of reality and unconsciousness, you can feel it in Madeline Mars. It’s the somber feeling of redemption you have when you finally wake up.

Listen to more from Madeline Mars via Soundcloud.