Luxe Malone & the simulation of Lonely Town

Lux Malone versus Lonely Town & more short stories; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Lux Malone versus Lonely Town & more short stories; press photo courtesy of the artist.

A year back Week in Pop published a long-form feature that explored the world of S the Supplicant and the dystopian world of Mechanicalville. The alter ego of Sally Horowitz of Secret Lover; the artist sent a signal of a new transformation in the following cryptic message:

The Supplicant sailed through cyberspace, eventually settling down and reforming as the singer Luxe Malone.

And thus is begins — the introduction of Luxe Malone, the new incarnation of S the Supplicant, an elusive figure that exists as part of a similar universe (multiverse?) as Mechanicalville known as Lonely Town.

A blend of the vintage Ricky Nelson-esque form of mid-century melancholy coupled with sensuous nu-adult contemporary pop tropes and intimately expressive textures — Luxe Malone guides you through the gates of the simulation. Welcome to the world that existed before Mechanicalville, a post modern mash-up of vintage East Village-esque pop art and exotic lounge that sounds as if it descended from some undiscovered planet complete with intelligent life. This is the moody and maudlin world of Lonely Town, where broken hearted workaholics and liberated débutantes exist in an alternate timeline ripped from a Warholian scream dream.

Luxe Malone exists in a manufactured world that once was before a draconian age of war-like conditions. The striking single “Like That” is painted in the luster of a sultry minimalism, showcasing Sally’s rich vocal delivery that belongs to a class and world of its very own. The Luxe style walks with a fashion week runway sense of confidence that sashays from the low-lit speakeasy stage to the concrete sidewalks in a city of rampant solitude. The aesthetic is cool, suave, serene and smart; exhibiting the isolating feel of solace amid an audience metropolis of jaded hearts and lonely hearts club bands.

The pop fantasia realm of Luxe Malone.

The pop fantasia realm of Luxe Malone.

Luxe Malone shared the following introduction to the world of Lonely Town; the story behind (and beyond) Mechanicalville and more:

If you’ve been following along with S. the Supplicant, Luxe Malone is a prequel to Sex in Mechanicalville. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me fill you in…

I’ve been entrusted with the tale of the Cosmic Charging Station and charged with the task of telling it to you. I learn best through music and narrative, so that is what I’m doing—making albums and plays to teach all about the station and their creations.

In a world very similar to ours, there is a large, bright and spotlessly clean charging station where The Creators live and work. The Creators have developed the art of simulationcraft; in other words, they make micro-worlds, which they monitor, study and often interact with and become ensnared in.

One of these was Mechanicalville, and The Creators became disastrously infatuated with a Sim there by the name of S. The Supplicant.

But before Mechanicalville there was Lonely Town. The Creators would rather me not tell you about Lonely Town, as it is seen as an epic failure on their part...but it is one of my favorite of the charging tales, and, I think, very worth the telling.

Lonely Town was the first simulation. But when The Creators moved on to newer models, they forgot to update it. It started to hiccup and glitch and one day it just...froze.

On the day Lonely Town froze, Luxe Malone was at the bar. She sings there three days a week, the other days she keeps mostly to herself.

Anyway, it’s early for drinking and no one is there but Luxe. It’s afternoon and the sun is coming in through slots in the blinds. The bar is dusty and tired, with booths upholstered in red leather and scratches covering the wooden tables. The bartender steps out for a cigarette and bang—Lonely Town freezes.

Luxe Malone is stuck alone.

When The Creators show up on the scene, finally realizing their mistake, they expect Luxe to help fix the freeze. But Luxe is an unusual Sim, and she gives them a bit more than they bargained for...

Keep up with Luxe Malone via YouTube.

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