Introducing Cathedral Bells

Following the tides of changes and life shifts, Matthew Messore presents the inaugural roll-out of Cathedral Bells with the lavish lo-fi single "Homebody". Formerly of Dear Tracks/Houseplants; Messore's new endeavor was established from the processes of rebuilding and healing upon returning to his family's homestead in Cassadaga, Florida to discover inspirations both familiar and yet new. Building upon the aesthetics that have been well in development for years, Cathedral Bells rings with a resonance and cadence like the chimes of a local chapel that stirs senses of both nostalgia and an overwhelming sense of wonderment for what future dreams and encounters may reveal.

"Homebody" is a trip through a time-altering tunnel that blends aspects of the DIY underground from the late-oughts with a modern day mentality. Messore meticulously arranges peppy rhythm progressions to propel forward jubilant and sentimental synth presets into a stew of sweetness and serenity that recalls holidays past with the excitement and anticipation of all the holidays that have yet to arrive. Cathedral Bells collects together the components of warmth and heartfelt wonder that can be found by way of an economic arrangement of electronically emulated instrumentation arsenal. The artist unveils a breakthrough of intimacy executed through a whir of treated vocals and smartly-selected keys that resound like a choir of bells that exhibit a warmth that recalls sublime family vacations and the ineffable sanctuary of being cozily safe and secure with the comforts of home.

We had a chance to catch up with Cathedral Bells' own Matthew Messore about the new musical outfit, single and more:

Describe the evolution involved with yourself creatively that informed the name and aesthetic outfit of Cathedral Bells.

I’m really into spooky stuff and was incorporating more into the songs I was writing. A friend of mine gave me the idea of the name from a Foxes in Fiction song. I found that it worked to encompass the songs I was compiling. Also, the sound of cathedral bells could be perceived as ominous to some.

Insights into how your return to your hometown of Cassadaga, Florida has helped to nurture your new audio designs and developments.

These recordings are being created primarily in my home. Being back in my hometown has inspired nostalgic feelings and brought a very personal touch to the music which means a lot to me.

How the comforts of cabin essences and meditations inspired the illuminated life of Riley flow of fidelities of "Homebody".

"Homebody" came from a lot of different feelings that I was faced with when returning home. I wanted to touch on the comforts of home and also the insanity that can come with being shut-in and the contrast between the feelings of comfort/safety and the loneliness and almost claustrophobic thoughts that ensue.

Homeward bound with Matt Messore's new Cathedral Bells single "Homebody"; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Homeward bound with Matt Messore's new Cathedral Bells single "Homebody"; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Local Cassadaga scene notes, points and places of interest.

The closest music scene in this area is Orlando. There's some really great booking groups around that showcase the local scene and I've been to some fun shows since coming back here. Cassadaga is a fascinating small town with psychics and old houses where I've found a lot of inspiration for my music.

Thoughts on what is exciting about the new approaches and interests in recording these latest audio portraits of sound.

These recordings were mostly recorded in a home studio. We had a lot of fun with percussion creating new and unique sounds for the songs. This is the first time messing with custom drum samples and mixes involving live percussion. We got creative with it, we actually found kitchen items to use to make some of the sounds, even measuring out the right amount of salt to use as a shaker.

Artists and provocateurs that you find currently fascinated.

Lately I've been listening to Acid Ghost, I’m really into the melodies and overall DIY feel. Also been listening  to a lot of kraut rock and early synthesizer tracks.

Thoughts and messages you want to relay to the surrounding world.

Be good to each other.

Cathedral Bells' debut single "Homebody" is available now everywhere.