Finding hope & love with Earth is a Death Star

Sparking up rebellions against evil empires and more with Earth is a Death Star.

Sparking up rebellions against evil empires and more with Earth is a Death Star.

Performing as part of APAHM Phase 3’s festivities May 31 at The Smell; Earth is a Death Star makes music that is made with a vulnerable honesty coupled with that DIY shine. The quartet creates a sound that feels natural, uplifting and instinctive with the feeling that we are all in this together (and that everything just might be alright after all).

On their TDH EP, Earth is a Death Star wears their hearts ruggedly on their sleeves in earnest. Beginning with "Clean (I'm Not Perfect)", the four piece eases into the EP by baring it all on the line with an emotive delivery that is executed like a barely containable teardrop rain. The band kicks into gear with the wondrous "Tall, Dark & Handsome" that is arranged like a moment ripped from a modern day fairytale. The fable fabrics are shattered in the confrontational rocker "I'm Not Coming Back" that oscillates between being subdued, seething and searing all at once. The four track song cycle culminates in the grand finale "Lost Record" that ignites upward like a rocket with the controls set for a distant galaxy far, far away from our own (yet not unlike the solar system we all collectively inhabit).

The band shared some self-reflections along with thoughts on being a part of APAHM Phase 3:

Earth is a Death Star captures what it means when struggling to find positivity in life and the steps necessary to find a place of hope and love. Memories are preserved and lessons are learned, helping us and those around us grow.

This is our third year participating in APAHM Phase and each time we try to do something bigger and better. This year has helped us branch out of our comfort zone and try new things. We’re taking ourselves more and more seriously as a band and we hope to show for it at our showcase. Especially since within our individual lives life happens and we’ve been going through a difficult time, our showcase gives us something to look forward to.

Our showcase this year for APAHM Phase 3 is a benefit show for suicide prevention awareness. What’s important to me is representation as Asian Americans as well as mental health. I just want people to know that no matter how difficult life can get there’s always someone to talk to because reaching out to those who need it or want it can mean a lot.

Earth is a Death Star plays at LA’s The Smell May 31 with Littlest Sister, Marube and Punk Crush.

Listen to more from Earth is a Death Star via Spotify & Bandcamp.

moonroom’s #APAHM Phase 3, an AAPI alternative arts series, returns for its 3rd year of showcases highlighting AAPI indie artists and AAPI-fronted bands across Southern California in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May and the summer months. This year’s theme is 'Confluence' as we look to continue improving and reconstructing representation of Asian Americans in Western culture. Over the last 2 seasons, more than 80 AAPI artists across 20+ showcases have participated during May and the summer months. 2019 looks to increase that number with an even more diverse slate of programmers and events. For more insight on #APAHM Phase 3, visit @moonroomie.

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