Feeling & thinking beyond the kiln with Ceramiks

Surveying the creative syntheses beyond clay & fire with Ceramiks; press photo courtesy of the artist(s),

Surveying the creative syntheses beyond clay & fire with Ceramiks; press photo courtesy of the artist(s),

Presenting the latest gem from LA’s prestigous boutique imprint Zoom Lens — specializing in contemporary sophisti-pop created by Asian American artists — Ceramiks bestow a listen and inside look at their incredible new single “Badminton”. The vision of Adrian Kim, the LA artist enlists the vocal talents of Sonoda to make for an otherworldly entrance into a racquet match of doubles taking place in an imaginative and celestial setting. The collaboration makes for a duet to soundtrack a duel of wits between formidable opponents in a game of skill, tact and intense focused strategies.

“Badminton” in both name and by virtue of its own atmospheric arrangement creates the competitive mood that simulates a showdown between opponents. Kim’s synths take cues from the greatest Harold Faltermeyer / Giorgio Moroder compositions from the 80s and sends them forward into future settings of sporting standoffs seen, heard and felt in slow motion. Adrian and Sonoda’s musical match-up incorporates sharply sequenced keys and rhythm considerations with chord progression strings that look toward traditional eastern leaning inspirations. The track resounds like the meeting of worlds, bridging distances and polarities in a clash of titans catapulting shuttlecocks back and forth over the net in the name of becoming the appointed champion and victor. Ceramiks, with an assist from Sonoda, expertly mold meticulous melodies and rhythms that blend baroque tones of the trad styles with today’s aesthetic technologies in a fusions that bring the west closer to the east.

Adrian Kim of Ceramiks shared the following thoughts on process and participating in APAHM Phase 3:

“Badminton” is the result of my songwriting as a form of healing. I dedicate this EP to a large but still specific audience consisting of people who long to reunite with loved ones and beautiful moments they have lost over time. My music as a whole is meant to remind people of the beauty that still exists in the midst of personal trauma.

I take pride in my Korean-American identity and I hope to be part of a movement that brings the creative best out of the APA community in the United States. APAHM is a great way to showcase the collective talent found within the APA community, but it should only be a starting point for something much greater. Asian American artists deserve as much of a spotlight in the music world as any other artist and ultimately the goal should be to expand the APA community's impact in music beyond a month.

Ceramiks perform June 7 at Human Resources in LA with Oh My Muu, Plaster Cast, Reinabe, and Sonoda.

moonroom’s #APAHM Phase 3, an AAPI alternative arts series, returns for its 3rd year of showcases highlighting AAPI indie artists and AAPI-fronted bands across Southern California in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May and the summer months. This year’s theme is 'Confluence' as we look to continue improving and reconstructing representation of Asian Americans in Western culture. Over the last 2 seasons, more than 80 AAPI artists across 20+ showcases have participated during May and the summer months. 2019 looks to increase that number with an even more diverse slate of programmers and events. For more insight on #APAHM Phase 3, visit @moonroomie.

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