Bridging the divides with All Hell Breaks Loops

Leaning along a corridor of neon with Tyler Moore of All Hell Breaks Loops; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Leaning along a corridor of neon with Tyler Moore of All Hell Breaks Loops; press photo courtesy of the artist.

From deep beneath the digital depths of audio uploads on limitless platforms exists an untold scattered wealth of pop innovations. Beyond the algorithms of all the online players and playlist hype finds Tyler Moore based out of Orange County chopping up catchy and moody beats and treats via the moniker All Hell Breaks Loops. Performing in Long Beach May 19 at Que Sera with Baby Heights Town Ball, Dumpling, Holly BB and Tofuku as part of the APAHM Phase 3 festivities; Moore orchestrates precision economies of choice art beats and sequences that edge into the unfolding art schemes of tomorrow.

“Parts” illustrates sparkling piano synth economies that morph into a full bloom of uplifting life affirming beat progressions. Tyler Moore takes collected clusters of pop fragments from what feels like throwback themes from animated programming franchises that are arranged together in sophisti-pop sequences designated for the fanciest clubs with the most posh lineups. Vocal stems are recycled throughout a cornucopia of sensational synthesizer selections that adorn rhythm patterns that spins finger snaps and boom baps into serene blends of post-modern pop art. The track “Parts” hones in on the definitive All Hell Breaks Loops sound that elevates the gorgeous gestalt of music’s many moving parts as a summation of all the components that create an artifice of ineffable unity.

Tyler Moore of All Hell Breaks Loops offered some reflective few words about his craft, mission statement insights, thoughts on the APAHM Phase experience and why it's a necessary event for the community:

I used to think of my craft as music. I now think of my craft as exploring, but not with all of your senses. I can tell a story through a DJ set that you listen to. I can draw you in to an artist with visuals that you can see. I can curate a showcase around identity that you can feel. The tools matter less and less, I can create a show flyer in Microsoft Word or paint one with light. The experiences that they promise are no less a part of my craft than when I write a song or render visuals. They are all a part of my exploration.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to perform on an APAHM Phase showcase last year hosted by Ceramiks. The experience made me give further consideration to issues of Asian American representation in the arts, and further, mixed Asian American art. Spending my formative years in punk and ska bands, I kept a mental list of bands that had Asian American or mixed Asian American members. Looking back it seems silly that I had to keep a roster for this and with my upcoming showcase I'm working to normalize both the concept of Asian Americans thriving in creative spaces and mixed Asian Americans participating and bridging elements of the larger Asian American community. The theme I've selected ‘Mixed Asian, Same Plate’ aims to connect elements of comfort food with identity — while leaving a wide enough framework for the artists to interpret their own story through various genres of electronic music.

Listen to more from All Hell Breaks Loops via Spotify and Soundcloud.

Catch All Hell Breaks Loops playing at Long Beach’s Que Sera May 19 with Baby Heights Town Ball, Dumpling, Holly BB, Tofuku and more TBA as part of #APAHM Phase 3.

moonroom’s #APAHM Phase 3, an AAPI alternative arts series, returns for its 3rd year of showcases highlighting AAPI indie artists and AAPI-fronted bands across Southern California in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May and the summer months. This year’s theme is 'Confluence' as we look to continue improving and reconstructing representation of Asian Americans in Western culture. Over the last 2 seasons, more than 80 AAPI artists across 20+ showcases have participated during May and the summer months. 2019 looks to increase that number with an even more diverse slate of programmers and events. For more insight on #APAHM Phase 3, visit @moonroomie.

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